When I got a short survey in the mail about 2 months ago from the Neilsen Company, I had no idea it would lead to this:

How did a TV survey turn into a giant pink light up flamingo? Well…

I am usually not a fan of surveys, however the Neilsen TV surveys are somewhat of a retro thing, since they started doing them in 1936 when there were only 200 TVs in the world. Plus I always thought it might be fun to be a “Neilsen Family.” The survey had $2 cash in it, which for answering four unobtrusive questions about our television set, is great pay. About a month or so after I mailed the first survey back, I got another envelope from the Neilsen company, this time with a TV diary to write down what we watch, when we watch and who is watching our TV for one week. The envelope also contained $30 to make up for the more extensive work required on our part.

(Note: Jim and I have not had cable television for about a year. Shortly after we moved to the Retro Ranch, we realized that cable TV was an expense we didn’t want anymore. We get about 10 stations for free with our digital antennae, plus my adorable husband Jim has an extensive DVD collection so we have not been hurting for programs/movies to watch. I also think we get more done around the house with no TV to distract us – I spend the time that I used to spend watching TV maintaining this blog.)

With $32 burning a hole in our pocket, we went to the mall to check out the end of season summer sales. Low and behold, this adorable guy caught our attention. He was originally $150, (that is a lot for a flamingo!) but was marked down to $32! It seemed like the deal of the year to me (Jim may have a different opinion) so we brought home our new friend (I call him Burt) who now lives happily in the Tiki Lounge.

He fits right in around here.



  1. Cute, cute, cute! Love Burt … and he fits in with the other flamingos, who are hoping he doesn’t become the “light” of your flamingo life. 🙂

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  3. Love the flamingo! The Nielsen ratings reminds me of when my mom got one of those envelopes with a couple of dollars in it. She forgot about doing the survey. So a month or so later, she got an envelope with about $25 in it. Again she forgot. The next envelope contained $50, the next $75! They really wanted her opinion! She finally answered the survey, but I wonder if she shouldn’t have held out for more!

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