It’s been nine weeks since I planted the raised bed victory garden…here’s what it looks like this week. Notice anything different? (Besides that it kept growing)

I finally mulched! It had been way too hot for the last week and a half (temps were in the upper 90s and the heat index was right around 110) to haul the mulch to the other side of the yard and spread it around. On Tuesday, it was a balmy 76 degrees and the humidity was much lower, so I decided to get that mulch moved. Of course I am about four bags short (you can’t tell here because the non-mulched space is right near the gate). Drat. Oh well. Four more bags of mulch won’t break the bank.

It looks so official now! Oh yeah, and see what else I had to do this week?

The peas started doing a backbend and falling out of the end of the garden. I found this wooden trellis on our fence on the other side of the yard. Nothing was growing on it so I decided it would be perfect to help support the peas.

I also transplanted a few of the pepper plants to the lettuce’s former home. They were so covered by the tomatoes that they weren’t getting enough light. Hopefully they will do better on this side of the garden.

Another out of control plant is the cucumber! It has grown across the garden, taken over the trellis and is now spilling out of the sides.

The cucumbers look like pickles at this point, which they could be if I wanted to try making some, which makes me giggle because I had a roommate in college who thought pickles grew on bushes. Her boyfriend thought they grew on trees. When they asked me what I thought pickles grew on and I told them how pickles were made, it totally blew their minds. But enough college flash backs, back to the garden.

All those flowers on the tomato plants are now tomatoes. They aren’t all ripe yet, but a few of them were ready to eat.

Yes Leo, we can have salad for dinner. Let’s see what the harvest for this evening was:

Two sweet peppers, four yellow tomatoes (I planted two kinds of cherry tomatoes), some peas and a whole bunch of green beans!

And let me tell you, they taste divine!


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