When I posted about the revamped record cabinet, did you happen to notice something else different about the living room? Here’s a hint:

Another chrome lamp appeared! Well, it didn’t really appear…my Mom and Dad brought it with them when they came for Christmas in July.

Why would they part with such a cool lamp? Well when my parents moved to Tennessee they decided to switch up their decorating a little (new place, new stuff) so they started bringing me some of their old stuff. This lamp was in the living room of the house I grew up in, positioned over a chair as a reading light. I think it works great for that purpose, so that’s how I am using it too. Plus, I like how it goes with my other chrome lamps…

…pretty cool huh? All the chrome lamps in one photo! But hey, what’s that in the corner?

Why that’s Leo of course! One of his favorite things to do is peek around corners and watch me, you know, to make sure I am okay and to see if I look like I might be getting ready to make hamburgers or meatloaf or something that he would be interested in…

…but back to the lamp. It is the perfect companion to the Barcelona Style chair

Styled like a mini arc lamp, this guy has a heavy base and slight arc in his “stem.” I am guessing my parents bought it in the late 60s or early 70s. Either way, it is a very welcome addition to the Retro Ranch’s living room!

Last fall, my parents also brought me their old chrome light fixture, which my Dad installed above the tulip table .

Another thing you may notice is that I changed the position of the Broyhill Brasilia Hutch. (And spray painted the wine rack white) I decided that the hutch was best positioned farther away from the built in shelves. This way you can see the details on the bottom of the hutch from across the room (they aren’t blocked by the table and chairs) and that leaves a nice space for some future artwork to be hung. Maybe I will hang the painting of my grandfather there, when I get the time to finish it.

What do you think about that Leo?


9 thoughts on “CHROME AGAIN

    • Thanks Jill!

      We bought our sectional at Rubin’s Furniture in Milwaukee (they have a Chicago, IL and Madison, WI store also)

      I haven’t been in there in a few years, so I am not sure if they still carry the one we bought (we got ours about 5 years ago). They have some awesome new furniture though, if you are looking for new stuff. 🙂

    • Thanks Mr. Modtomic!

      I absolutely LOVE your buddy Dan’s joint. I almost drooled on my keyboard when I was reading about it! Plus he has an AWESOME Broyhill Brasilia collection!

      Get some color on your walls! It would compliment your awesome furniture finds….. 🙂

  1. What a great hand me down – super cool chrome lamp! I wish my parents had some cool vintage stuff to hand down…but they definitely do not!

  2. Read the last comment. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment. The arc lamp was my Christmas present from your Dad in 1976 or 1977. The dining room fixture was purchased in 1981 when we were picking things for the house we built in PA. We probably could have used the arc lamp here, but you called it first. 🙂 Plus I am having fun looking for new things. Looks great in your LR over the Barcelona chair. Enjoy!

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