Despite the unrelenting heat that has been plaguing most of the country for the last week or so, my gardens are doing quite well! (With a lot of watering of course)

The corner garden is filling out quite nicely…

The grasses are looking good…

The Sweet Potato Vines have tripled in size…

…and the Celosia is doing very well!

Meanwhile at the other end of the lot….

The raised bed victory garden is doing quite well. I pulled out the radishes and lettuce this week (and put them in the composter!) They were both pretty picked over and what was left of the lettuce (Jim and I ate most of it right away!) wilted horribly in the 90-100+ degree temps over the last week.

Judging by all those blooms, we will have about a million cherry tomatoes by next month….

We almost have one ripe one!

There are also a few large tomatoes starting to take shape…

…as well as some green peppers

…and green beans!

Jim and I made a stir fry with these pea pods for dinner tonight. It was delicious!

The zucchini plant is taking over…there might be some cucumber plant mixed in there too…

The vines are just wrapping around anything they can get to and climbing…

…I better keep an eye on this guy so he doesn’t get to be 4 feet long before I pick him!

I also have to keep an eye on this guy….


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