Remember the lovely pole light in our front yard?

Ahh yes, the chipping paint, the crooked, broken and ugly fixture…

…what’s not to love, right? Wrong.

As part of the continuing beautification of the front yard, revamping the pole light was a must. Luckily one trip to Menards and $45 later, I had the solution. I decided to spray paint the pole black to match the existing iron porch support (which could also use some fresh paint…but that’s another day) plus painting the pole black makes it blend in more instead of screaming “Hey look at me, I’m a pole light!” I also purchased a new globe light fixture that is a lot more mod looking…

What do you think? Better, right?

It blends in so much better with the background instead of calling too much attention to itself. (If you look carefully in the photo above you can see that my neighbors down the street have one too!)

I was about ready to stop there and call it a done deal, when I saw the weekly ad for our local garden center. They were selling large pots of one of my favorites, Blue Fescue Grass, for $5 (they were originally $12.99!) plus I had a $5 gift card that I earned with their loyalty card. That deal got me three big containers of Blue Fescue Grass for $10!

I like how the color blue is further spread around the front yard…from Bruce Spruce, to the lamb’s ear, to the corner garden to the light pole…

…every time I look at the new light pole it makes me smile. (Special thanks to my taller-than-me little Brother for installing the new fixture without a step stool!)


6 thoughts on “A POLE NEW LOOK

  1. I just used dark paint to revamp the metal part of an ugly chandelier inside our house. Also made a world of difference. Way better than buying and installing a whole new pole! Love your light transition!

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