Remember those other 3 yards of dirt that I had left over from the corner garden? Well, while I was hauling them all over the yard to fill in the low spots, (my back yard is was full of ankle twisting holes and dips)…

…my Dad was fixing this. Yep, I had a busted glass block window. I discovered the problem after I got done hacking out that giant shrub along the back of the house. When I called a local glass company to see how much it would cost for them to repair it and they quoted me $250!!!!! Luckily my dad was up for the challenge and I found a closely matching glass block in the right sized for $2.50. (which is more in my price range!)

Tools needed for the job are:

  • Replacement glass block
  • Trowel
  • Mortar mix (not pictured)
  • Bucket to mix mortar in (not pictured)
  • Small masonry chisel and hammer (not pictured)
  • Broom to sweep away broken glass
  • Masking tape (not pictured)
  • Joint smoothing tools
  • Safety glasses (not pictured)

It also helps if you have my Dad around since he is a pro at this kind of stuff (His Dad was a mason and my Dad worked for him during his summer breaks when he was in college so he got to know a lot about this type of thing)

First you need to use the chisel and hammer to bust out the old glass block. I taped the front and back of the block with masking tape to help keep the glass from breaking all over the place…

…Dad started chiseling from the outside, but since the window is so low, he found it easier to do the more intricate chiseling standing on a ladder in the basement.

Once you have all the mortar and glass chiseled out, make sure to sweep all the debris out of the opening so you have a nice clean surface for your new block.

Mix up your mortar according to package instructions, then spread some mortar on the bottom of the opening

Next butter all four sides of the glass block with about 1/4 inch of mortar. At this point I had to go into the basement to help get the block in place.

Once the block is in the desired position, make sure all the mortar joints are completely filled with mortar and then use the joint tool to smooth the seams and press the mortar between the blocks. Do the same on the inside.

Once the mortar has dried a little, wipe excess mortar from the glass block front and back.

Dad also made sure to build up the sill that he had previously chiseled out.

Ta-da! All fixed! Thanks Dad!

After Dad fixed my broken window, I gave him a really fun job to do…

…I asked him to remove a few select tree branches using his favorite toolthe chainsaw.

Dad made quick work of the branches that were in the way…

Hopefully none of the remaining branches will get weighed down with snow and block the driveway this winter…

Bye bye pesky pine branches!

And you may ask, “Where was Leo during all of this dirt moving, window repairing, chainsaw massacring?

He was safe and sound inside in the air conditioning….

Because dogs and chainsaws do not mix well Leo!





3 thoughts on “DAD TO THE RESCUE…

  1. What on earth would we do without family!!! My parents have saved me in SO MANY WAYS!!! I don’t know what people without them do – they are so invaluable!

    • I know! I don’t know what I would do without them.

      My Dad has taught me most of what I know about home repair, My mom taught me about gardening and painting, and the two of them have helped me move and do projects I don’t know how many times! Thank goodness for parents! 🙂

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