With all the excitement from the making of my corner garden and the excitement from Christmas in July, I haven’t shown you what’s been growing on in the victory garden lately, which is a lot.

Before we get to the garden growth, let’s talk about this guy:

After reading countless reviews for many different composters, I decided to order this one. (Lifetime 60021 75-Gallon Compost Tumbler) It is available at many different online stores, but I couldn’t find it in a brick and mortar store in my area. I ended up getting it from Amazon because they had the best price ($169 when I bought it about five weeks ago) and they had free shipping. It arrived quickly and then sat in my garage until my thoughtful Brother volunteered to assemble it for me, isn’t he nice?

I haven’t actually started composting in it yet (I have to read up on the right mixture of stuff to get things moving along) but I will say that according to my Brother it was not easy to assemble. He had to drill something like 36 holes (they didn’t come pre-drilled!) and it apparently had way more parts than it needed for a simple composter. It took him about 2 hours to get the composter together and the final few steps required three people (Mom and I were standing by to help) to finish up, but he got it together…Thanks Pat!

Now let’s get back to that growing garden of mine…

This is what the garden looked like on July 5th. Pretty impressive right?

And this is what the garden looked like on July 10th. I know, holy moly! And it has grown even more in the last 4 days. I would have taken an updated photo of what it looks like today, but sadly I waited a bit too long (preoccupied with another project-more on that soon!) and lost my shooting light.

Above are the peas (climbing the trellis) from July 5th….

…and here they are a mere 5 days later on July 10th. They have grown about a foot in 5 days!

Here’s the lettuce. The lettuce is so big that it scared the Lettuce monster away! (It is also delicious! Jim and I have been eating a lot of yummy salads with our own lettuce. I just cut it as I need it. How cool is that!)

And then there are the tomatoes. I can’t even see the tomato cages anymore!

There are tons of green cherry tomatoes popping up everywhere!

In fact the tomatoes are growing so crazy that they are growing over on top of the zucchini plant (which is also giant).

Everything is growing so quickly and voraciously that I don’t even know where one plant stops and another starts. I think this is a cucumber vine?

Maybe next year I should space my plants out a little more, or thin them before they all grow together?

I have never been so excited about vegetables before!


4 thoughts on “GROW GARDEN GROW!

  1. Holy moly is right! You should put your GROW sign out there because you are certainly GROWing a masterful garden. 🙂

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom! That was the plan! I am just waiting to finish the landscape fabric/mulching project and then I will put some of those things in the garden area for decoration. We are supposed to get a horrendous heat wave over the next week and also the mosquitos are terrible right now so I have been putting off finishing that project. Stay tuned!

  2. Wow, that is impressive! What did you put in that soil?
    I started out doing square foot gardening, and I still garden pretty intensively, but I have definitely started giving things a bit more room.
    I like your trellis a lot–growing up really helps manage the sprawlers, so that is something I am always thinking about improving in my garden.

    • Hi Val,

      The soil is equal parts sand (for drainage), peat moss (to hold some water) and compost (to feed the plants-I used as many different types of compost as I could find-leaf, cow manure, mushroom, etc like the book suggested) It seems to be working well! The only other thing I do is make sure I water it at least every other day if it doesn’t rain and we located it on the south side of our house. The garden itself gets direct sun from when the sun comes up until about 3:30pm. That’s all I did!

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