Hey Leo…

Guess what I found…

Yeah Leo, that’s the missing Broyhill Brasilia nightstand (Commode) that I needed to complete our bedroom set…

Yeah I can’t believe it either! Here it is just about a year after I got the first Broyhill Brasilia highboy dresser and I have finally finished collecting my dream bedroom set! I am almost in disbelief!

During our lunch break yesterday, my coworker was perusing Craigslist and noticed the nightstand. When she said:

“Hey, isn’t this the last piece you need for your bedroom set?”

I almost coughed up my sandwich.

There is was. I got the panic sweats and quickly fired off an email to the seller, hoping that it was still available (it had been posted two days earlier) and low and behold, I got an email back about 15 minutes later saying it was indeed still available. I quickly set up a time to come look at buy it and started jumping up and down. The piece was listed for $125 but the guy selling it was an artist and we got to talking about painting and he ended up selling it to me for $100, which for the size of the piece is expensive compared to what I paid for the rest of the set (highboy was $175 and the headboard/footboard, long dresser, mirror and other nightstand were mine for $275) but since it was the last piece I needed to complete my set (and if you check Ebay, $100 is dirt cheap for the commode) I had no hesitation shelling out the $$$.

I could hardly wait to get him home to meet the rest of the “family.”

Is it crazy for me to talk about furniture that way???

The newest addition to the Brasilia bedroom furniture family fit in right away…

All the other Brasilia welcomed him home…

Now we have a his

…to go with the hers.


Everyone is thrilled!

…well the robot alarm clock never looks thrilled (he has to wake up my adorable husband Jim in the morning) but he is. He likes his new bedside buddy.




  1. fellow Brasilia obsessee here- I found the queen headboard, triple dresser w/ big mirror, 5 drawer chest and bachelor’s chest (or highboy?) on CL for $380- but no nightstands. Wah! When I was 8 months pregnant w/ my son I dragged my husband 3 hours to another state for an estate auction for the nightstands (unfortunately not the commode style)- had to buy another 5 drawer chest and a double dresser w/ 2 narrow mirrors in order to get the nightstands for total cost of $250? Now those extra pieces are in our kids’ room. Also have the full dining room- buffet, the bottom of the hutch you have- but it’s topped off w/ a more traditional china hutch top- but w/ asymmetrical glass doors. I would love to upgrade to a king size headboard (bookcase version please!) and add the lingerie chest if possible!

    • Hi Carolyn!

      Wow! You have been really lucky being able to find and purchase all of that Broyhill Brasilia! And your husband sounds like a great guy to drive 3 hours to another state to help you get your fix! Sounds like you are trying for a complete set of everything! Awesome! Glad to meet another person who is as obsessed as me (or more obsessed) with Broyhill Brasilia! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So jealous! I’m trying to find the commodes now – just got the queen headboard, double dresser and large rectangular mirror – a lucky Craigslist find although I had to drive on 5 Los Angeles freeways to get it – but well worth it! I may not use the mirror – don’t really have space for it so may consider selling it or perhaps doing a Brasilia trade if possible. Now I want it all even though I need more furniture like a hole in the head! Your place looks amazing and well, you obviously have a great taste!

    • Brazillia is addictive, isn’t it!? The commodes are hard to find. It took me about a year to find the second one. Still, it was worth it! Now I have to be much more selective with my furniture purchases, because my house is filling up fast! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck in your search!

      • So addictive! I had a mid-century second home in Palm Springs for about 6 years so it was easy to just fill it up with great finds but after a split-up, I’m trying to downsize in my LA house. But I’m going to be patient (as you had to be) and slowly seek out the pieces I want. Your story of finding the commode is so funny b/c the same thing happened to me last Monday – I started to shake and sweat and called the seller who was about an hour and half away from me. The furniture was still available but I wanted to confirm that I could pay for it now and pick it up a few days later when I could secure a van and a pal to help. I was able to pay her immediately by Paypal but I was so nervous that someone else would call her and offer more money. I was anxious about it the whole week but finally relaxed after it was all in the van! I love it! Love your blog too!

      • thanks mickeyblack! Sounds like we have a similar furniture addiction! Good luck with hunting down the right pieces for you. Remember to be patient and it will all work out! Plus the thrill of the hunt is half the fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I know I am coming late to this dialogueโ€”but I have a Brasilia lingerie chest and heard that they are pretty rare. I have no idea what to ask for it or a community that would interested in it. Any suggestions?

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