It’s always nice to see one of my mock ups come to life and turn out well. It is even nicer when someone helps you to bring it to life. While my family was in town for our “Christmas in July” celebration, my Mom and I planned to turn my corner garden mock up into a reality.

Here is what the corner of our lot looked like on the morning of July 1st….(That’s my brother’s truck by the way)

And this was the corner garden mock up that I made prior to my Mom’s visit…

…then the dirt was delivered and the nice guy who was driving the truck dumped half of the dirt (3 yards) right about where I wanted it which saved us a ton of moving time and energy…

…and the other 3 yards on some tarps out of the way. I had nightmares about ordering too much dirt…but luckily it seems like I ordered just the right amount. Once the dirt was delivered, Mom and I hit the garden center (That was her favorite part). I should mention that my generous and garden-loving Mom sponsored most of this post (She bought the Pom Pom Juniper and the rest of the plants as my Christmas in July present, while I picked up the dirt delivery and mulch…Thanks Mom!)

When we got back, I shaped the dirt mound into a kidney-like shape and then we got all the plants ready to place.

Once Mom and I figured out the best plant layout, it was time to start digging.

You might ask, where are my Dad and Brother during all of this? Why aren’t they helping with the garden?

Well, they were kinda busy trying to fix the air conditioning on my Pontiac Vibe…

Yep, that’s my backseat full of my dashboard. Yikes. I almost got a little queasy looking at my car all torn apart, but my Dad and Brother know what they are doing when it comes to working on cars and I am happy to report their mission was a success! I now have A/C in my car for the first time in 2 years!  And it is sooo nice. Thanks Dad and Pat!

Anyway, back to the corner garden…

After a lot of digging, we had the garden planted! But wait…there’s more!

We mulched too! Doesn’t it look awesome!?!

While Mom cleans up her shoes, let’s go over what we put in the corner garden…

First of all there is the star player, Mr. Pom Pom Juniper (Mint Julep Juniper)

Then we have this lovely shrub, the Midnight Wine Weigela.

Followed by the Plum Pudding Coral Bells…

I planted three of my favorite grass Blue Fescue Grass…

As well as a few Black Mondo Grass plants.

I liked the looks of this Cotton Tail Thrift…I also planted two more of the pink variety of thrift as well.

As well as the vibrant color of this Blood Leaf Plant…

And I have always been a fan of the bright and cheerful Celosia.

Add in some Dusty Miller

…a tri-color Lantana

…and some Portulaca and it is a recipe for success!

I even put a few flags in the garden for July 4th. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Of course we didn’t get the edging in, and we also didn’t have time to get any rocks when we were up visiting my Uncle, but those will get here eventually. Until then, I think we did a great job getting the corner garden from mock-up to reality!



  1. The garden looks wonderful. Did you dig up the grass underneath or just go with the dirt on top? I’ve thought about doing something like that in my yard, but thought it would be tough to dig up (and kill) the grass.

    • Thanks Olivia!

      We just dumped the dirt on top of the grass. My Mom said it would kill the grass because the dirt is thick enough. I suppose if you weren’t mounding dirt you would have to rip out all the grass (which is a tedious project) but for us, we just left it.

  2. Are you sure you don’t have a secret ambition of landscape architect and dump the graphic designer front? 🙂 looks great – good job kate’s mom too!

    • Ha! As much as I like making my yard look better, I think I will stick with graphic design. I don’t think I could handle the constant sunburns I would get as a landscape architect….

      Thanks! 🙂

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