So where have I been you might ask? Why I’ve been right here at the Retro Ranch hosting the first annual Christmas in July for the family!

At Christmas in December, Jim and I usually go to the Chicago area to spend the holiday with Jim’s family. My parents and brother miss having us with them on Christmas, but they are so far away (Mom and Dad are in Tennessee and Patrick is in Michigan) and with all the snow and holiday traffic, it hard to get together. When I was making the annual “Merry Christmas” and thanks for the gifts call this year, my Mom and I decided we should all get together in the summer and have a Christmas in July so we could all get together in better weather.  Jim and I thought it would be fun to have his family come up as well so we could all get together for a fun family afternoon.

I hosted the event in the Tiki Lounge which was a big hit with all the family. I told all the adults to bring a funny and useful gift that was about $5 for our “dirty santa” gift exchange.  All the adults had their names put in a hat and we picked people one at a time to choose a gift, open it and then decide if they wanted their gift or if they wanted to “steal” from someone else. (Jim and I bought some small toys for our nephew Noah and hid them in the back yard so he could do a Christmas in July present hunt instead of the “dirty Santa” exchange.)

Jim’s Dad got a package of soap…

My Brother Patrick got a watermelon salt and pepper shaker set (which Jim ended up stealing from him later)…

Jim’s Sister Whitney got some patriotic solar lights…

Jim got a weird clock (that he swapped for Patrick’s watermelon salt and pepper shakers…thanks Jim!)…

Why is my Mom so excited?

She collects hippo stuff and this was a travel size Hungry Hungry Hippos game!

My Dad got…

…another clock! (Seems like clocks were the “in” thing to give this year at Christmas in July!)

Nope, that wasn’t a clock that Jim’s Mom unwrapped, it was one of those velcro catch ball toys…

We had more gifts than people so we started picking names for the second time…Patrick liked his Route 66 playing cards more than the watermelon salt and pepper shakers…

There was a lot of gift stealing and laughing!

As well as some confusion due to stealthily wrapped gifts…(Jim’s Dad wrapped two bags of almonds in a popsicle box.)

A good time was had by all!

Before I put the camera away, I made everyone pose for some group family photos which will surely be appearing on Christmas in December holiday photo greeting cards later this year.

We started by getting everyone together…Leo also wanted to be in the family photo, so we tried again…

Not too bad! Now one with Leo taking the picture…

He does a pretty nice job huh?

Leo came back into the spotlight for the photo with my immediate family…

…but then he saw a squirrel and was off like a flash when we took the photo with Jim’s immediate family.

It was a very fun and successful first annual Christmas in July!

But hold on…there is more to come! We didn’t just party, we did projects! Tune in next time to see what we accomplished!



8 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IN JULY 2011

  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! What present did you get?? I was waiting to see a picture of someone opening an ultrasound photo 😉 cmon baby J 2.0 needs a pen pal! hehe How is your job going? Enjoying the posts…. – Nicole

    • Ha!

      Nope, no babies for us yet. Maybe when you have baby J 3.0 in the oven??? hehehe.

      I got a duck soap on a rope. Pretty funny!

      My job is going good…we are moving to a new building downtown in the fall and I am excited! (I think I told you our current building is not very nice) That will make a huge difference!

      Glad you like the posts! Hope you are feeling better!

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