A few weeks ago, I showed off my screened in porch or as I like to call it, my outdoor room.

As great as the space was, it still felt like it was missing something…perhaps a theme?

Since Tiki was a popular mid-century theme, I thought why not bring a little Tiki to the Retro Ranch?

My adorable husband Jim loved the idea as well and he was able to quickly locate a set of 10 hand carved Tiki masks on for about $7 each! They were awesome and quite the deal. I also liked having enough of them right away to make a Tiki formation on our big blank wall.

There is my adorable husband Jim being proud of his Tiki-seeking abilities.

While Jim was Tiki-seeking, I was trying to find an outdoor rug that would continue our colorful Tiki theme.

I found this colorful rug at Wamart for $50. I think that is a deal as well.

I also snagged those Tiki-inspired outdoor pillows at Kohl’s for 50% off, which ended up being about $9 a pillow.

Of course we had to show off the new Tiki theme, and since Jim’s Grandma was visiting from California, we invited her and Jim’s Mom to come up for the afternoon to try out the Tiki Lounge…

Needless to say, they liked it a lot!

Leo likes the Tiki Lounge too!

That dog’s got a one track mind!

We have more fun planned immediately for the Tiki lounge. Tomorrow, my parents are driving in from Tennessee and my brother is driving in from Michigan. They will be with us for about a week-especially on Sunday for “Christmas in July” which will be largely hosted in the Tiki Lounge. Should be a great time!

During the family visit we will also be tackling quite a few projects around the Retro Ranch including the making of the corner garden.

I have 6 yards of topsoil being delivered on Friday morning…

…wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “THE TIKI LOUNGE

  1. I love it! The whole thing comes together feeling like a theme that fits with the space in a really classy way. I love the tikis on the wall, they look great on the siding-the texture is super, and the rug really pulls it all together into a room-space. I have to try something like this on our patio.

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