Oooh la la! That’s what I said when I saw those legs.

Oh my goodness! is what I said when I saw the price!


Only $35 for an awesome looking retro desk that is mostly wood!!! And it was right down the street too!

Despite the fact that it was 90 degrees and humid, (and my car has no A/C at the moment) I managed to convince my adorable husband Jim that we needed this desk.

So we jumped in the car and made the thankfully short hot drive to pick it up.

When we had the desk back at the Retro Ranch, we had a chance to clean it up and go over the good and not so good points of our cool and affordable new desk.

First the not so good points:

There is a large chip in the wood veneer on the front of the desk. Why they put veneer in a high wear area of the desk instead of solid wood, I’m not sure. I don’t really know how to fix this part…

Also not so cool is this fake wood (laminate) top. It’s not fooling anyone. Even Leo knows it isn’t real wood.

But enough about the not so cool parts of the desk.

These are the aspects that made me want to bring it home:

What first caught my eye was those killer legs!

The dovetailed drawers helped win me over for sure…

As did the awesome round knobs

…as well as the identifying stamp. Hey, I like to know a little about my retro pieces!

It took me a few days to get the time to rearrange the office and swap desks (where does all that paper come from?) but when all was said and done, the desk happily settled it into its new home.

I have to admit it takes a little getting used to. My old desk had 20 square inches more desktop space, and it fit more with the style of the file cabinet and the chair, but the retro-coolness of this desk is winning me over and making me forget about the IKEA desk that I’ve used for the last 6 years. (Note: I didn’t get rid of the IKEA desk, I just took it apart and put it in the basement. It would make an awesome work table or would be great if we needed another desk/workspace in the future) I absolutely love having more drawer space in my new-to-me desk, which in my opinion is better than the extra desk top space.

At some point I may try to find a piece of wood to replace the “fake wood” top and I will probably get a different desk chair in the future. (While it looks cool, my white desk chair is not easy on the behind after a long blogging session.) Until then though, I am super excited about adding a little more mid century to my Retro Ranch.



  1. You know…that Formica top isn’t that big a deal. The first time you really get it good with something that would have gouged the crap out of a veneer top desk of this sort (yep…it would most likely be a piece of cheaper wood with a walnut veneer) you’ll be glad you’ve got something tougher. If it’s just the eyesore of it that you don’t like, think about having a piece of glass cut to fit on top of it. Shouldn’t be more than $50. Then you can cover the laminate top with whatever you like and slide the glass on top of that! Get creative. Think vintage post cards from kitschy places like the Grand Canyon and Coney Island! Or cover it in a penny mosaic. Saw that on Design*Sponge. As for the little chip…maybe just color it in with a “stain marker”?

    Mr. Modtomic

    • Thanks for the expert advice Mr. Modtomic! I read your posts almost daily to see what you are finding and restoring! Good idea about the glass top! That may just solve the problem. I don’t doubt the durability of the “fake wood” it just reminds me of the cafeteria tables from grade school! Will try a stain marker for sure! 🙂

    • That’s a good point. I have a student desk that is similar to this and it has a formica top. It was used when I got it, oh 25 yrs ago, and it’s still in great condition.

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