What do you think of my corner garden mock-up?

My slightly obsessed with gardening Mom is coming to visit at the end of next week and she wanted to help me with some “gardening projects” which basically means she is out of places to plant stuff at her house, but still has the gardening bug. Since we have no lack of yard work around the Retro Ranch, I thought the corner garden would be a good project for the visit.

What I would like to do is mound up some dirt in a boomerang shape on the corner of our front yard. The Pom Pom Juniper that I have already purchased would be the focal point of the garden. My uncle, who works in excavating, has some rocks that I can look through and take for the corner garden as well (I just have to get to his “rock yard” to find a few that might work). To fill in the remaining areas and add more color, I think Blue Fescue grass would help repeat the blue throughout the yard (from Bruce Spruce and the Lamb’s Ear), while multi-colored Portulaca and bright orange Marigolds would add a nice pop of bright color that could also be changed yearly depending our mood. For that finished look, I have some edging ready to install and I would top the garden off with a nice layer of mulch.

What do you think? Good plan?







8 thoughts on “CORNER GARDEN MOCK-UP

  1. Looks like a great start to the corner garden. Hope we can find the rocks in the rock pile. As a confessed plant addict, I may try to “sneak” in another plant or two, depending on what we find. Oh boy!

  2. Where did you find a pom pom juniper? All I’ve ever been able to find out about them is to cut “one of several varieties” into the pom pom shape. I really love the look. Your plan looks great too. Can’t wait to see the results.

    • Hi William!

      I found a pom pom juniper at Stein’s Garden center. I haven’t seen them elsewhere, but I imagine any large specialty garden center would have them. At Stein’s they call it (as well as my other new shrub, bruce spruce) “Living Art” and they have all sorts of decorative and unusual evergreen shrubs in that section. They actually had two different varieties of pom pom juniper as well. I bought the mint julep variety.

      I am so excited for the corner garden! Then I can actually plant my pom pom juniper!

      Can’t wait to show everyone the results! Stay tuned!

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