(Garden prior to planting)

(Garden after 5 days)


(Garden after 1.5 weeks)

…and GROW!

(Garden after 2.5 weeks)

The garden really is picking up speed! We have been having a nice mix of rainy and sunny days and I have been watering the garden lightly every day if there is no rain…

It is really growing!

Everything is up now! The parsley pulled through! As of right now the basil (left) and cilantro (right) are winning the herb war…

The radishes continue to amaze me with their growth spurts…

I nearly have four peppers!

…and the peas are really popping up!

A while back I promised to share what I planted in each square of my garden. Since this is the first year I have tried a garden, I planted multiple rows of several different varieties of plants. I plan to see what grows best and how much it produces and use that knowledge to help plan my garden when next year rolls around.

There you have it folks! I didn’t use any scientific method to lay out the garden, but I did try to group plants that climb together (like the peas) so I can use one trellis for both rows. I will still need at least two trellises though, since I planted the garden beans more in the middle of the garden. Like I said, this is a trial and error year. I will take notes and make needed changes to next year’s plan.

When I was walking back through the yard I noticed something in a clump of weeds… (or at least I thought they were weeds)

See that pop of red?

I found a hidden strawberry plant! Actually I found about four hidden strawberry plants! And yes, Jim and I split that strawberry and it was so good!


On a side note (and on the side bar—>) I started a blogroll. It is a small collection of the blogs I like to drop in on for inspiration or just to see what their owners are upto…

One such blog (Making it Lovely) is having a Social Space Makeover Contest.

I didn’t enter the contest, but another awesome and retro-tastic blogger (who happens to be listed on my blogroll) did enter the contest. Her name is Heather and she has a really cool house with her husband Mike and their daughter. I recommend you check out her blog, she really knows how to fix up a house!

That’s Heather & Mike’s house, very cool isn’t it??? Image from

If you feel so compelled to help her win the Social Space Contest, please hop on over to Making it Lovely and cast your vote for Heather-but hurry because the contest is over Friday the 17th at noon! Everyone gets only one vote, so make it count!

I personally would love to see what they can do with her outdoor space. If you agree, vote for her here.




  1. Kate! First of all, I have GARDEN envy. I have no garden 😦 I’ve been begging my husband but we’ve just been too busy to make a proper garden, plus the fact that I have a black thumb isn’t helping my argument (I can’t even keep an air plant alive!) We just planted some succulents outside on Sunday and I keep checking to see if they are starting to die 😦

    When we do finally get brave enough to get a garden, I’ll remember to look at your blog for ideas!

    Second, thank you so much for posting about our blog and the contest, and thank you to everyone who votes!

    • You are very welcome Heather! I hope it helps! I would love to see your outdoor space fancied up!

      You may envy my garden but I envy your kitchen and bathroom! Maybe someday mine will look that nice!

  2. Hello! I found you through commenting on Heather’s blog (I also found her through Making It Lovely and voted for her of course :). I’m so jealous of both of your houses!!

  3. With all that growing, you are going to have to learn how to can by the end of the season. My parents started canning a couple years ago and now they make their own salsa. It’s divine!

    • Olivia,

      That is part of the plan! My parents also used to make their own salsa and it was fabulous as well! I especially want to make my own salsa one of these years because my adorable husband Jim is allergic to Onions and it is very difficult to find a salsa at the grocery store with no onions!

      I have dreams of freezing/canning enough food to seriously cut down on my grocery bills, but I think it might take a few years of experimentation before I get it down to a science!

  4. Your garden makes my own garden look like poo 😦 I’m so jealous! Do you use the method of companion planting? That was kind of a new idea to me this year and I tried it but with all my limited planting space, I ended up clumping everything together and now I can’t even tell the difference between some of the seedlings. What I thought was a bell pepper plant actually turned out to be a variety of basil plant, different from the Sweet Basil. I plucked a leaf this morning and sniffed it and went, BOOOOOO it’s basil, not pepper! I need a better planting plot for next year. Your garden layout looks awesome. =) Have a wonderful Thursday!

    • Hmmm I don’t know anything about companion planting, but will surely be something to look into for a future year! I just used square foot gardening and planted the recommended number of seeds per square. Did you make a soil mixture for yours? I have a feeling that is why mine is doing so well (Equal parts sand, peat moss and compost).

      If you think my garden looks good there, tune in later tonight when I post the most updated photos of it! Everything has DOUBLED in size!

      Thanks! The garden was a lot of work to get built and going, but is really easy to maintain now and I am so happy with it. My husband and I have been eating fresh lettuce and spinach and radishes a lot lately, can’t wait for the tomatoes!

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