Oh adorable husband Jim, how do I love thee…let me count the ways….

Thou went out to buy video games and came back in a tizzy about a yard sale that made you do a double take, pull a wicked U-turn and run down the driveway at the slightest glimpse of a tulip shaped table and chairs (oh how I’ve taught you well). Thou sped home post haste to scrounge for sofa change when thou found out the set was only $50. Thou urged me to purchase the set instead of talking me out of it even though we already have a larger version. Your love is true. Sighhhhhh….

These two chairs are actually very similar (if not identical) to the other armless tulip chairs I have in my dining room, though these chairs are about 1 inch higher, which is good because I felt the other chairs were a bit short for the dining room table. I can swap the shorter chairs out and put them with the round table and all is right with the world, that is as soon as I recover the seats for these…

…seersucker polka dot cotton is not a good upholstery choice for a chair seat.

I also spotted this mini drink set at the same sale. Needless to say, it had to come live at the ranch! Only $2!

Look at those starbursts!

So it turns out that there are no tulips in my garden, just a tulip table and chairs in my den…but look at the garden now, only a mere one and a half weeks after planting:

That’s right Leo! Holy Salad!

Every day or so the plants seem to double in size…

look at the radishes now!

…and the cute little lettuce!

…and the peppers…as in more than one pepper!

Everything is up except the parsley. C’mon little guy…you can do it!

It is raining right now…I wonder how big the plants will be tomorrow!!!


4 thoughts on “TULIPS IN THE GARDEN?

    • Thanks Olivia!

      Yes, from a distance they are cute, but up close the combination of the seersucker and coffee spill stains on one of the chairs means it’s time to reupholster. 🙂

  1. Love the tulip table and chairs! Kudos to Jim for being an eagle eye. Your garden is going great and will probably surpass mine before too long. Think I need to keep working on the soil mixture. You did it right from the beginning … smart girl!

    • Thanks Mid Century/Mid TN Mom!

      I followed the soil mixing instructions to a T…I do think that has a lot to do with it. If you used local soil, perhaps the clay rich local soil is not allowing proper drainage and air to get to the root of the plants? Or perhaps you need to ad more compost? I’m hoping we will be able to eat some of the veggies by the time you are here in July!

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