This weekend, the major goal at the Retro Ranch was to get the screens put on our screened in porch. Last year, we were so busy unpacking and cutting down trees that we barely had time to enjoy the space and I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen this year. The porch is one of my favorite parts of our Retro Ranch and I wanted to make it feel like an outdoor room. I love “outdoor couches,” but I really don’t love the price tags. I had been doing some research on that type of seating (and found that IKEA had an attractive and affordable version.) I thought we might give it a try since we would be in the vicinity of an IKEA on Saturday…

The AMMERO style “Sofa chair” works well for my design aesthetic, is comfortable (with the aid of a pillow for back support) and fell in my budget (It costs way less than half of what other sets I was interested in would have cost.) Jim and I got four of them in order to make a conversation area on our porch.

There are clips that hold them together, which means they can be configured however we need them…

They go nicely with the black metal furniture I already owned…

I got that “tulip” table at Pier 1 a few years ago, it works great as a side table for this area!

These lanterns are also from Pier 1. I have seen them in the store the last few summers. I couldn’t pass them up since they are the perfect “fixture” for over the table. I put flameless tea lights in them so there are no worries about fire or dripping wax.

With the inside of the porch looking so nice, I wanted to make the view from the porch better as well. I moved what I think are some sort of lilies from various parts of the yard and grouped them all together along the walkway…

They look much better than the mish-mash of weeds and stuff that was growing there before.

I also want to take this opportunity to once again show off my fancy new camera….

…ok, now on to the rest of the post…

I am still working on the “look” of the circle patio, but I did get out the fire pit and all the other yard chairs I have. Right now it falls in the “Crayola Eclectic style.”

And yes Leo, I did get out the grill. Grilled chicken for dinner!

While we wait for it to get dark enough to show you the ambiance of the evening porch, let’s head over to the victory garden.

It hasn’t even been a week yet (I planted everything last Monday) and there is a lot of new growth happening.

Look at all those little veggies coming up!

The radishes were the first up and are by far the largest of the plants started from seed.

Seemingly overnight, a pepper appeared on one of the pepper plants!

One of the tomato plants is getting new flowers too!

Mmmm…I can almost taste the fresh pesto!

I don’t know why I am so surprised about how well the garden is doing…I guess it is just the excitement of seeing all my hard work start to pay off…watching the plants grow a little bigger each day is really quite exciting.

Something else that is exciting is how my screened in porch looks at night…

The whole mood of the space changes when the sun goes down and I plug in the little cafe lights…

I almost feel like I am on vacation somewhere…

Until I see the shop vac that is still full of sand from the basketball hoop debacle…

Now all I need is a fruity drink with an umbrella in it…





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