The plan for this weekend was to spend the entire thing outside working on the raised bed garden. Unfortunately, mother nature did not agree. Saturday I woke up to a nasty drizzle and 40 degree temperatures. Ummm this is May not April!

I wasn’t about to let the weather dictate my Retro Ranch Revamp productivity level…but I also didn’t want to work outside in that gross and cold weather. Luckily some very exciting boxes arrived for me:

Once the contents were emptied, someone else found the boxes to be just as exciting

Do you want me to get that paper out of the box for you Milton?

Back when I was trying to decide what to do about my kitchen I mentioned possibly getting some pull out baskets or something to make the stuff in my cabinets more easily accessible. Well, The Container Store was having their spring sale a few weeks back and after looking at a variety of different options, I decided to use their roll out cabinet drawers to fix my problem.

Any time I wanted to get to something in the back of this cabinet, I had to unload everything and crawl on my hands and knees to get to the stuff in the back. Not fun.

The type of pull out drawers I chose to use was supposed to be very easy to install (though I am always a skeptic) so I gathered up my tools and cleared out the shelf.

The roll out shelf came with this nifty alignment guide…

…all you have to do is set the glides on the shelf, fold the guide on the perforated line, put the alignment guide on the edge of the cabinet shelf and it does all the work for you, no measuring! Then just drill a few starter holes for the screws, put in the wood screws, put the basket on the glides, screw them down and you’re in business!

In no time at all I had both shelves installed. The only difficult part was getting the drill in the back of the cabinet to drill the starter holes…

Wow, what an improvement! I can look for ingredients while standing up! The pull out drawers hold a lot of weight too, move smoothly and they were easy to install as promised. I am impressed.

I also installed one for my tupperware containers since they always fall out of the cabinet when I open the door.

Lastly, I have this cabinet. The shelf had been removed at some point and was nowhere to be found. The cabinet itself is only about 13.5 inches wide. I ordered two of the 11 inch wide roll out drawers to maximize this space.

Of course I needed a shelf to attach the roll out drawer to…so I used a spare shelf from the built-in in my dining room, my trusty sharpie marker to mark the cut lines, and the circular saw to get the job done.

Ta-da! Instant shelf!

Now this cabinet is much more useful!

Sunday the sun was sort of out…it was not raining…but it was still in the 40s and very windy. I decided to get some work done on the raised bed victory garden anyway, after all, I do have to plant very soon!

So out into the blustery day I went…

Jim was not excited to move more cinder block, so I got all 1,056 lbs of capstones put in place by myself. Man I was tired.

Jim came out with the camera (and to help put in the fence) while I was pretending to crawl out of my grave…

Thankfully as I put the last capstone in place I realized that would be the last time we had to move those blocks! Yay!

Then it was time to get the fence put in:

You may notice we changed where the entrance gate is…and yes, the downspout will be moving (we are putting in a rain barrel so the gate will be unobstructed eventually).

I put a post every three feet for stability. Most of them were easy to pound in with the sledge (and my super buff husband), but we did have some problems with the one closest to the house because there seemed to be a pile of buried rocks right where we wanted to put the post.

However, with a little digging, we were able to get all the posts in.

Someday that shrub will be gone! (I did buy a hatchet at Menards that I can’t wait to bust out on this bush!)

With the aid of Jim and about 50 zip ties, the fence was in…

You can tell the yard gained about 7 feet x 29 feet from moving the fence…

…we were excited by the progress, but the 35 mph+ wind gusts had us thinking we better wait to make the soil mixture and fill the garden so we will have to wait for another day…still, quite a productive weekend if you ask me!


4 thoughts on “WEEKEND WARRIOR

  1. Oh, I’ve been coveting those pull out drawer/baskets for so long. Will have to wait for the next house though, since we’ll only be in the current one for a couple more years.

    • Olivia,

      The pull out baskets are AMAZING! I highly recommend them! They would be easy enough to install and then take out and take with you if you wanted….of course you never know what your new cabinet sizes might be…

      • Hmm, that’s not a bad idea. I had been thinking of them as permanent fixtures, but maybe just one or two for the pots and pans would be worth getting now.

      • The model I got from The Container Store was very simple to put in and would be equally simple to take out. Only 8 screws total. It has already dramatically decreased the amount of frustration I experience on a daily basis…I can find things easily and quickly and nothing falls out of the cabinet when I open the door! 🙂

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