I’m baaack!

If you hadn’t guessed by now, I was in Tennessee. My parents moved down there a few years ago so I thought I would pay them a visit. They live in Gallatin, TN but we also did some fun stuff in Nashville, which is the nearest major city.

Though I grew up in the country, I am not a “country girl” by any means…I just like getting my photo taken with kitschy cowboy statues.

Normally when I write a post, there are several cute pictures of Leo “helping” me with whatever I am up to. Since Leo had to stay home for this trip, and my parents have a cat, I though maybe Gasket (the cat) would like to help me tell the story of my Tennessee trip.

What do you think Gasket?

Well, we will try to do it before he falls asleep. Here we go…

On Friday, we spent the day in downtown Nashville.

Here’s the view driving into the city…

Here’s the famous “Batman Building,” or at least that’s what my mom calls it.

I saw some cool public art…if we weren’t stuck in the car I would have gotten out for a picture with these…

Hey, did they bronze Leo????

Nope, they just really liked this dog…I guess he was “the official dog of Nashville” for a while….

They even had the dog’s paws in the “walk of fame.”

Next we went to Hatch Show Print. That’s my Dad looking at the sign…

For a graphic designer like myself, this place was super cool. I mean, just look at all the prints! How much fun would it be to work here!

You can even check out the press!

My mom bought me a poster that I became enamored with during our visit…

Cool huh? Plus anywhere that lets their dog hang out is okay by me…

Next we walked through the Arcade shopping/restaurant area downtown…

The upper level had art galleries and studio spaces that are open select nights for gallery/studio shows…

After touring downtown, we did a little vintage shopping. First we went to this place:

This store had a lot of very cool stuff in it…however, nothing that had to come home with me. My dad bought a tin car sign for his garage here though…

We hit a few more less glamorous looking antique places before heading back to Gallatin. At one of them, I found these awesome mini “wood vases”

It was a full day of fun in Nashville! The temperature was in the mid 80s, the sun was out and we did a lot of walking…

How are you holding up Gasket?

Ok, then we will get to the part about Gallatin before you fall asleep!

The next day was “Squarefest” in downtown Gallatin’s central square. My mom was in charge of the local art guild’s show. I got to meet a lot of her artist friends and see what they were creating, which was really cool. Gallatin was also having a vintage car show during the festival. I absolutely love the way old cars look. Something about the shapes, colors and the amount of chrome they used back in the day really excites me. I found several awesome examples of retro cars!

This truck was one of my parent’s friends classic cars. I could just eat this up. It looks like candy…

This awesome orange car has an Indian Head light on the front…

The back end is just as cool as the front…

…and look at that dash!

I would be okay with taking this little guy for a spin….

…or better yet, this orange number. That’s my kind of style…

…I love all the chrome….

All right Gasket, I will try and wrap it up….but I have a few more pictures to show!

I spent a lot of time outside on my parent’s front porch or back patio (depending on where the sun was shining). It is so green down there compared to Wisconsin. I felt like I skipped May and went straight to June!

My Mom planted a lot of knockout roses and they were blooming like crazy!

as well as her other plants and flowers…I can’t wait until it looks this colorful back home!

She even put in some square foot gardens! We can compare notes after I get mine built…

My Mom also had a Tulip Poplar, which is the state tree of Tennessee, planted in her yard. She was trying to tell me that tulips grow off the branches (not on hers yet, as she just planted it) and I thought she must be nuts. What a weird tree. Then we saw one on the edge of a parking lot and sure enough, there were these huge tulip type flowers just growing off of the branches. Weird!

Mom and Dad had a good time going vintage shopping with me (you know I love doing it!), so we decided to try another area of Nashville, and sure enough, my Dad had better luck than me! He picked up this awesome print:

as well as this classic car thermometer:

I found a Tiki candle holder at the same place…

On the way back to my parent’s house, they drove me past a castle that is being built up on a hill.

Yikes! It is huge!

Along the way we even saw a Peacock! You don’t see those every day!

And that sums up my trip to Tennessee! I had a great time with the parents exploring Nashville and Gallatin, enjoying the warm weather, doing some vintage shopping, looking at art and old cars and of course just hanging out with Mom and Dad….

…and Gasket of course…even if he can’t manage to stay awake.


6 thoughts on “TO TENNESSEE!

  1. Cute pictures of Gasket … he’s still sleeping! ZZZZZZZZ all day, every day. He’s a night “person.” Had fun retro and furniture shopping with our fav daughter. Starting a list of more places for your next visit. 🙂 Miss you. Oh … we should have taken your picture by the duct taped Elvis at COOL & UNUSUAL store! LOL

    • Yes we should have! It looked like he had a duct tape cast on his arm! That store was cool and unusual. 🙂 Will be interested to see what the list for next year looks like! Thanks for everything Mom (and Dad)!

  2. Kate
    totally RANDOM question but where did you find the thermometer with the Chevy on it? That’s exactly what my dad wants for Fathers Day and surprisingly they arent easy to find. I found your site by doing a google image search for car theme themometers fyi!

    Mark in Dallas

    • Hi Mark!

      I was in Nashville, TN visiting my parents and we were doing some “Vintage Shopping.” I found the thermometer at Cool Stuff Weird Things, 4900 Charlotte Pike in Nashville. It was an off-the-beaten-path little shop with the weirdest/coolest mish-mash of retro goods. Of course everything they have is pretty much the only one they have, and there was only one thermometer there. I would suggest checking local antique shops/thrift stores/estate and yard sales…or of course there is always ebay! Good Luck on your search!

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