Happy Easter from everyone here at the Retro Ranch! Yes, I paid Leo in ham to be the Easter Bunny this year… he is such a good boy!

This was the first Easter at the Retro Ranch. Jim and I decided to invite his family up for Easter dinner. Since our nephew Noah is five, we did a little Easter egg dying to commemorate the occasion. Jim and I were used to dying eggs in little cups of colored water/vinegar and using the egg dippers to carefully lift the eggs in and out of the dyes, but apparently that way is so last year. My father-in-law decided it would be fun to get the kind of dye that you put into a little plastic container with the egg and shake to dye the egg. I think when my mother-in-law saw the words dye and shake in the same sentence, she decided we would be doing this at my house and not hers.

If you add dye, shake and five year old who never stops moving together you get a recipe for certain disaster…

Jim or in this case, Uncle Jimmy was in charge of reading the directions for this fancy new scary way of ruining my countertops dying eggs.

All looked like it was going well for a while…

…that is until my mother-in-law realized the joke might be on her…

I guess Easter eggs aren’t the only thing that is rainbow colored this year….tee hee hee!

Happy Easter!


One thought on “HOPPY EASTER!

  1. I have never heard of shaking easter egg dye! sounds scary! Glad you got to spend time with family – and plans for visiting this part of town? Happy Easter!

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