As the title of this post suggests, I hit one heck of a sale this weekend! I got 5,000 pounds of stuff on sale. Now why do I need 5,000 pounds of stuff? For my raised bed victory garden of course!

I originally thought I would gather my materials on Saturday, however; even though last Sunday was 85 degrees, this Saturday it snowed:

So Sunday was the day to get the job done! I called my friend Jacob (the one with the truck) and got my Pontiac Vibe ready to do some serious hauling. I figured if we did about three trips with both vehicles, we could get it all done…

That’s me and my trusty orange Vibe in front of my old house…

After a few hours (Menards is about 10 minutes away), several trips, and one pit stop at Taco Bell (gotta eat!) this is what we had to show for it:

If you add these materials to the stuff I already scored on sale at Menards, I am nearly ready to start assembling my raised bed garden! I am only missing the compost!

Since I had planned out my garden and had a list of the materials I needed way in advance, I was able to watch for sales and so far I bought every piece for my garden project on sale!

Here’s what I’ve sunk into the project so far:

  • 64 – 8x8x16 concrete blocks – $60.16 (retail price $69.12) 36lbs ea = 2,304lbs
  • 32 – 4x8x16 caps – $30.72 (retail price $34.56) 33lbs ea = 1,056 lbs
  • 35 – 50lb bags of sand – $52.50 (retail price $108.50) 1,750lbs
  • 12 – 2.2 cu. ft. bales of peat moss $71.76 (retail price $87.75) 20lbs ea = 240lbs
  • 2 – 4’x80′ rolls of landscape fabric $10.98 (retail price $19.98)
  • 1 -4’x25′ roll of hardware cloth $44.99 (retail price $64.00)
  • 1 – 4’x50′ roll of green vinyl coated garden fencing $29.98 (retail price $56.00)
  • 17 seed packets for various veggies/herbs $16.26 (retail price $19.51)

Retail price $459.42
Total spent: $317.35
Total saved $142.07
Total hauled today = 5,350 lbs!!!!

Add in the cost to get the materials to our house (about $40 for gas  – Jacob’s truck – and taco bell – Jacob) and we even saved on delivery (Menards charges $59).

I was so excited about the savings, I used all my extra energy to tackle a little issue that had come up since my last post about yard work.

See this mess of branches:

Little did I know that it was the perfect place for a duck to live. Yes, I said duck. By leaving this mass of brush around, I had unknowingly created a duck habitat. There are a few small lakes near our house and this duck must spend most of his daytime hours there, but he was sleeping at our house. I know this because every morning when I leave for work, the duck would scare the heck out of me. The first morning I knew something was up was when I was laying in bed and thought I heard quacking. Since I am not a morning person, I thought it could have been a dream. But after I nearly dumped my coffee on my way out the door when a duck darted out of the brush pile, I knew something was up.

So out came my handy hand saw, clippers and brush cans:

Leo was too busy napping in the sun to help much with this bit of yard work:

After a few hours of clipping and stacking, the duck habitat and the mess was gone as well as the part of pine tree that we had hacked down over the winter.

All in a day’s work…


2 thoughts on “5,000 POUND SALE!

  1. Good luck with the garden, looks like it will be a lot larger than what we’re trying. It’s our first try at it tho so we decided to go small this year to see if we could get it to work. If we’re successful I can see expanding next year.

    Looking forward to seeing your lay-out.

    • Thanks for the good luck wishes! It’s gonna be a big one! I figured I only wanna build this thing once so I made it big. I have hopes of doing some preserving in the future (not necessarily the first year-gotta play around and see what grows well) so this is a long term garden plan! Stay tuned for more details/plans!

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