Has spring finally sprung in Wisconsin?

There are bulbs coming up everywhere and I only planted a few of them…so it will be interesting to see how the collection shapes up. I guess that’s what happens when you buy a house in June. No bulbs up then.

Last Saturday the weather was absolutely wonderful! It was sunny and 50 degrees. Of course we had a hail storm the following day, but Saturday Leo and I decided to do some yard work.

We have trees, shrubs, weeds, flowers and everything you could think of growing everywhere. The previous owners of the Retro Ranch weren’t much for yard work, except mowing the lawn…so we have a lot of work ahead of us. I decided to trim along the back fence, so out came the hand saw and nippers. (and Leo of course)

After about an hour I had a large pile of brush to deal with…

After I fought Leo for the “big stick” I had three cans of brush out for the brush pickup guys and another pile to saw into smaller pieces…

…along with a much clearer back fence!

Here’s hoping for more yard work weather in the near future!


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