Mondrian madness! That’s pretty much what is going on here at the Retro Ranch…

It seems to be all I can think about. When I close my eyes at night I see color chips on kitchen cabinet doors. It’s nuts!

Over the past few days, I have pondered every color combination imaginable (I think) and after several more hours of toying around with colors, I think I may have a winner.

Here are the players:

I think that since “Daring” is close to red, but not actually red, it will look okay with the kitchen stuff that is red that is staying for sure (the red appliances such as my beloved KitchenAid Mixer, Fiestaware knife block set and my KitchenAid food processor) and the red and chrome stools at the breakfast bar. The curtains, though adorable, can always be substituted for a different pattern or solid with yellow or pink (or both) in them since the fabric for all three windows only cost me about $15.

So here’s what the new mock up looks like:

It is definitely my favorite color scheme to date. I think having three shades of the pinkish-coral helps it not look too crazy, and they yellow provides interest. All the colors look good with the wall color “Waterfall,” the white counters, the wood floor and the wood of the cabinets. I think having all warm colors on the cabinets goes well with the warm toned wood and makes the cabinets pop off the cool colored wall.

So what’s the verdict? Vote below!


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