After posting yesterday, I had thoughts that perhaps the kitchen would be too pastel-ly with the white, pink and aqua scheme. I had someone suggest ditching the pink (but I love pink and couldn’t ditch it) and instead I thought I would ditch the white. The counter tops are, after all, glowing white…..

So here are the concepts from yesterday without the white and with the red (I just substituted the white with the red, maybe I need to play with the position of the colors more still). What do you think?

Vote below!



  1. Would you also paint the cabinet body or just the doors? I love this idea, but painting the cabinet body different colors might be a PITA. Maybe the background could be white with the colored doors.

    • Hi Olivia,

      I wasn’t planning on painting the cabinet body…just the doors. I like the idea of mixing wood and paint. There was a kitchen in an old issue Atomic Ranch magazine that did it that way and it looked awesome! Will try to find the issue today and scan in the photo to show what look I am going for….

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