Help! I need opinions!

As you may recall, one of my Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions was to decide if I wanted to paint the doors on the kitchen cabinets or not, and if so, do it! Well I have been thinking and thinking about painting (which would be a lot of work and a huge change) and I need input. Of course my adorable husband Jim and the other “boys” at the Retro Ranch have little to no opinion on the matter. Jim says “Sure, do it” and Leo, Milton and Phil plead the 5th.

Before you say “No! Don’t paint the cabinets!” let me plead my case:

There are just a few close ups of my kitchen cabinets. They are plywood and many of the doors are chipping badly or have chunks missing. My reason for wanting to paint them is so that I can use some wood filler to smooth out the surface and then paint them (since staining wouldn’t work) to freshen up the look of the kitchen. The cabinets themselves aren’t in bad shape, only the doors. I am also okay with the layout of the kitchen and the counter tops are in good shape as well, so I see no reason to gut remodel this kitchen (like I did to the kitchen in my last house-and boy was that a job!)

So why not just paint the whole cabinet one color? Well, that doesn’t thrill me like the idea of a Mondrian Kitchen. Never heard of a Mondrian Kitchen? Have you heard of the artist Piet Mondrian? A Mondrian Kitchen is adapting kitchen cabinets into the color block grids of one of Piet Mondrian’s paintings. Pam over at Retro Rennovation (a favorite blog of mine) has a lovely bit of information on Mondrian Kitchens. I have also seen pictures of Mondrian Kitchens in my favorite magazine Atomic Ranch.

Anyway, I used my trusty Photoshop to mock up my kitchen with a possible Mondrian look:

Of course the doors wouldn’t be glowingly bright with color like this, but use your imagination and think of what it would look like if it was less pasted on looking….

I would use the same aqua as the walls for the aqua cabinets, the same pink as the fireplace/den room and kitchen table and white to break up the colors and not make it look too “bubble gum.”

Eventually I would also like to replace the black glass cook top with a more retro-looking stainless steel top like shown below:



and when they need to be replaced (not right away) I would also like to put in a stainless dishwasher and wall oven. (It’s the closest thing they have to chrome these days) I’m not quite sure what to do about the microwave above the cook top. It has an exhaust fan built in, which is nice, but the microwave is so low that when I am cooking on the stove top I occasionally bump into the microwave while stirring, pouring, etc. since there is not enough clearance. One option I am toying with is putting in a simple under cabinet hood like this:



and getting a small counter top microwave. I do enjoy having the microwave off the counter, but at the same time, it is annoying to constantly bump the under side of it while you are stirring soup!

Other mini changes to the kitchen would include sanding the built in cutting boards to try and make them somewhat usable again:

Yeah that last one is DISGUSTING.

…and adding pull out baskets to the pantry cabinet and maybe a few other select cabinets.

Food gets lost back there and I hate crawling on my hands and knees to find the baking supplies!

So that’s the proposed master plan. It surely won’t happen overnight, but it also won’t break the bank….now I need your help! Should I do it?




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