As the title of this post suggests, there was a time when the room we now refer to as the office was, um….well….awful. This happened to be right after we moved into the Retro Ranch and the office was the room where we put anything we didn’t yet have a spot for. It was actually referred to as “the pile room” by Jim and myself.

See what I mean by pile.

Then we got to an office-like set-up and I got around to painting the walls.

I used the same Sherwin Williams paint that I used in the rest of the house, this time choosing reclining green. The room looks less like a pile in this stage, but still could use some improving, tidying up and of course new window treatments. (Have I mentioned how much I hate those plastic vertical blinds?)

The office was also adding to it’s title. With the addition of the drafting table (which I scored on Craigslist for $50) and the easel (got that dumpster diving in my old neighborhood) it seems that this is now the office/art room.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was on a mad search for window treatments to cover my huge corner windows in the master bedroom. The office has the same huge corner windows and I liked how the bedroom turned out , so I decided to use the same solution for the office. My IKEA shopping list for the office was identical to the master bedroom except I changed up the fabric for the panels. My new selection was the SOLVEIG panel in orange.

My decision to replace the office vertical blinds couldn’t have come at a better time. The vertical blinds must have heard me talking about their replacements because when I went to close the blinds for the night, one jumped off the wall and bit me.

Apparently the blinds had enough of the name calling. They couldn’t stand my constant disapproval of the way they looked. In a last ditch effort to get some attention they jumped directly on me. This was the last straw for me. I put a sheet over the window and went to IKEA for some new window treatments.

After taking the sheet down…

No more vertical blinds!

That roller shade is the only original window treatment left in the house. When I took it down, I thought I should put it in the guest room (there was also a sheet hanging in there because that window was bare when we bought the house) to make the house a sheet-free window covering zone. Luckily, the windows were the exact same size and the hardware was still up from the original roller shade so I just had to slip it into place and voila! No more sheets on our windows!

Installing the KVARTAL panel curtains was much easier the second time around since I had already figured out how to hang them in the master bedroom.

This time I only hit two little snags. The first was the IKEA saw’s blade (which must have loosened from all the previous sawing) flew off while I was sawing the first rail for the office. This was easily remedied by putting it back on and tightening it. Still, now I know to check the saw blade to make sure it is firmly secured after every use.

My second issue was the panels I chose for the office are thicker than the panels for the bedroom, which makes them harder to insert into the top and bottom panel holder rails. In fact, I needed quite a lot of patience for that step. Luckily, I had plenty on hand, especially since I broke the job up into two days so as not to suffer blind installation burn out. Below are my results:

The panels cast a lovely orange glow when the sun is out.

I took this opportunity to rearrange and further tidy up the office as well.

That is a painting I am working on (not done yet) of my grandfather when he was a teenager.

It is sitting on the new easel I got for Christmas…which is by far the most awesome easel I have ever had the chance to use!

There is Jim’s desk (and his amp). This is the most clean Jim’s desk has ever been.

Is that an awesome orange chair?

I got this cool chair at a yard sale several summers ago in my old neighborhood. It is very comfy. Makes for an excellent thinking chair.

See that huge closet with two sets of doors? Its full. One side is all Jim’s board games (he is obsessed I think) and the other side is all my art stuff, wrapping paper, shipping supplies and other odds and ends. Yikes.

There is my desk. This is where Retro Ranch Revamp happens every week!

Shall we open the curtains? The sun is out!

Looks like we need some new windows in here too…it is a little breezy….but at least the view is nice!

This concludes the office/art room tour… it is so much better than the awful pile of a room it was before.

Despite the breezy windows, this room is a great place to spend time in…painting, blogging, or if your are my husband…

…playing computer games.





7 thoughts on “FROM AWFUL TO OFFICE

  1. Love the color combination of walls and window treatments. My mom had an orange chair much like that in the 60s … but hers swiveled. The Bob painting is coming along great! I enjoy seeing the progress you are making …. 🙂

    • Cool! I wish Nana would have saved that chair! I would have taken it off her hands! I also love the colors in that room! It is so happy in there, especially in the afternoon when the light pours in!

      I think I am about 85% done with the painting. I need to add more shadow to his face, more texture to the grass in the background, finish the hands and the fishing pole and work a little more on the fish…then I think it will be “done.”

  2. Love the room, love your house and love the orange chair. Awesome. Lastly I love the painting you are doing and the style it’s done in. Do you by chance do paintings by commission?

    • Hi Gene!

      Thanks for reading!

      Thanks also for loving my painting (even though it isn’t quite done yet..) 🙂

      I would definitely be open to creating a commissioned piece for you. I usually work from photographs and the price would of course depend on the size and complexity of the painting. Send me and email with your thoughts and I can give you an estimate of how long it would take me to paint as well as how much it would cost.

  3. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog (via Young House Love) and I love it! You have great taste — I love that orange chair!! I would love one for my son’s room.

    p.s. I love your ‘score’ from Craigslist (a few posts down.)

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