As you may have noticed from my recent post detailing my latest Craigslist score, I love the thrill of the hunt. When it comes to mid century modern/retro stuff, usually that hunt takes place on Craigslist, at a yard sale, in a vintage shop and sometimes even dumpster diving. However, I don’t have to be at a yard sale to be on the hunt. I am always searching for that perfect retro-tastic piece for the Retro Ranch!

Recently, while in Target I spotted this hiding down one of the aisles:

Holy moly! If that doesn’t scream “Buy me Kate!” I don’t know what does!

I quickly dashed down the aisle, totally losing Jim and the cart (which is something I do often in Target-Jim gets this look like he is thinking, “crap, where did she go this time”) and took a quick, deep breath as I checked the price to see how much this bad boy was going to set me back.

$24.99! Unreal! What a steal!

For that price I expected the mirror to be poorly made, but upon further examination, I found it to be quite solid. Which means one thing, it had to come home with me.

Back at the Retro Ranch, I decided the best place to hang it (at least for now) would be on the orange wall by the front door. This way I can check to make sure I don’t have a hunk of lettuce in my teeth before I answer the door. I also love how the reflection of my tulip chairs show up in this picture!

So there you have it folks, get to your local Target for the retro-tastic deal of the year on this starburst mirror! (Hey, I’m a poet!)



5 thoughts on “RETRO REFLECTIONS

  1. Wow … that mirror looks PERFECT on that wall and the reflection of the tulip chairs is cool. Great find! Target has some nice stuff. Incidentally, I miss shopping with you …. remember the first time we went to IKEA in Pittsburgh and spent 7 hours exclaiming over stuff and you didn’t even notice there were other people in there? 🙂

  2. I love the mirror. It really fits the space well. And you know I love target! We gotta make plans for your hubby’s birthday. I keep looking for interesting groupons in milwaukee. Love you lots. Kathie

    • Thanks Kathie! Yeah, I hear you guys are coming up next weekend.. We will have to do something fun… And you get to see all the improvements in person! I don’t think you’ve been up since Thanksgiving!

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