Ok, I will admit it…I have a problem.

I am quite possibly obsessed with Broyhill Brasilia furniture.

I have been madly searching for my long lost nightstand for the bedroom set to be complete. Sadly, no luck on that front as of yet. I scour Craigslist in search of Broyhill Brasilia…not just in Milwaukee, but in every city where I know someone who might be able to snag a piece on my behalf (Chicago-In-laws, Nashville-parents, Detroit-brother, Pittsburgh-friend, Cleveland-friend) though I would only ask them to get the bedside table, as anything else would be a huge burden! Still, I am sure that qualifies me for at least slightly obsessed.

So when I saw this listing on my local Craigslist on Monday, my heart skipped a beat…

I got shaky, my hands started to sweat, I was anxious…excited, nervous…..

I fired off a quick email to Jim with the link asking for his thoughts on the matter. Of course there was the usual “Where do we put it” but he also understands my obsession and said, “sure, ask if we can go see it.”

I immediately and simultaneously emailed the seller and texted my friend Jacob (truck and muscle for hire) to try and figure out a time everyone was available. Within 20 minutes we had a viewing time, the fastest route there planned out and a truck ready to load it into. I was so excited!

It was like the angels opened up the heavens and dropped a fabulous hutch right in my dining room.

Can you hear them singing?

Upon arrival at the seller’s house, any hopes I had of knocking $100 bucks of the purchase price were quickly dashed. It was quite obvious that the seller was a flipper. When I came into her house and commented on her good decorating taste, she told me she had totally gut rehabbed the house in a year. Then she offered to sell it to me-as in the house. Not only was her house unofficially for sale, but she told me how the hutch was one of her favorite pieces and she was only selling it because she likes to redecorate often and she had it for a while and needed a change. While she was telling me this, I noticed the cobwebs/dust in the drawers. Once she revealed that she had been at the Cincinnati Modern Furniture show/thrifting the previous weekend, I confirmed my suspicions that she had not owned and treasured this hutch for very long. It even looked kinda dirty. That’s when the bargaining came out anyway. I tried very hard but the most I could get her to knock off was $25, still that pays for Jacob’s dinner/gas fee, so it worked for me.

Once Jacob and I had both pieces in the driveway she said “good luck” and slammed the door. We spent about 25 minutes in her driveway trying to get the hutch into Jacob’s truck. He has a truck bed topper on it that wouldn’t allow us to put the hutch in normally, as the outer edge of the topper is 31 inches tall and the inside is 35 inches tall. Our hutch top was 34 inches tall, while the base fit in just barely at 31 inches. We loaded the bottom first and then realized we would have to put the top in first instead and try to rotate it once inside the truck. When we were taking the bottom back out, Jacob’s grip slipped, tilting the base, sending all three drawers out onto the cement, crashing into the top of the hutch and knocking it over.

As the piece fell all over the driveway I felt as though I might barf. Hopefully I had not just ruined my prized Brasilia!

Jacob felt really bad, and of course we couldn’t tell if there was much damage or not because we were totally in the dark in this woman’s driveway. (She didn’t even turn on the outside lights for us!) So we just soldiered on and tried to get the job done. Eventually we got both pieces in the truck (We had to unhook and lift up the topper in order to rotate the top of the hutch!) and were on our way back to the Retro Ranch.

When we got back, I went in the house to get Jim to help (he couldn’t come originally because Jacob’s truck is a two person deal) and when I came out, Jacob was hanging from our pine tree sawing off the droopy branch that was blocking the driveway. He said he had the bow saw in his truck anyway and felt bad about the furniture tumble and thought he would help us take care of our other problem.

Driveway is officially back to two lanes. Yay!

Once the piece was inside, I immediately started coating it with Howard Feed n Wax. That stuff works great for cleaning up retro wood!

The buffet was really starting to shine, well all except the knobs.

They didn’t look quite as nice as my other pieces. I decided to do a little searching to see if I could have them re-plated somewhere…then I realized they may not be plated at all. According to the website I read, if something is plated, a magnet will stick to it. If it is not, then it wont. I pulled a magnet off the fridge and low and behold-it didn’t stickhot dog! Solid bronze!

My next search involved methods for cleaning and polishing bronze/brass. The easiest instructions I found used only two ingredients commonly found around the house. Why not give it a try?


Step 1: Gather baking soda, lemon juice, small container for mixing and a brush to aid in the scrubbing (I only had a toothbrush available)

Step 2: Mix about a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice and watch it fizzle. (this could be a fun science experiment too?)

Step 3: Mix the baking soda and lemon juice to form a paste.

Step 4: Apply paste to knob and scrub with brush and/or hands. (I found tough stains needed some serious elbow grease and the use of my hands instead of the toothbrush)

Step 5: Rinse with water and admire the difference!

Though they are admittedly not as shiny as they could be with a chemical polish, this was a quick, available fix that made a great improvement! I may try a tougher polish formulated to clean bronze/brass at a later date, but for now, this is a huge improvement.

So once again, here is the piece before polishing:

and after:

Whole piece before polishing knobs:

and after:

It’s like the piece’s teeth are whitened. Look, its smiling at me…

or maybe that is me smiling at it! Look it even has drawer organizers! How cool is that?!?

This brings me to my other point of the post…a while back I said that I wanted to get a long, low sideboard to go under the window where my IKEA sideboard was and not a high hutch because it would compete too much with my painted open shelving…then the hutch of my dreams popped up and my common sense flew out the window.

Here is the room as it looks now…

As you can see, I rotated the table. I even toyed with putting the wine rack on top of the hutch (though I would probably paint it white to pop off the orange wall more)

Please ignore the “stuff” on the table…I was wrapping birthday gifts and have yet to find a new home for my displaced house plants….

I asked the boys what they thought…did the room look too crowded?

Leo had his usual opinion….and Jim….

…I got the usual response from him as well. 🙂

So what do you think?

Is there too much “shelf” going on in the dining room now?

Do you think it will look better when I get some colorful stuff to display in the hutch?

While you ponder my predicament, I think I will indulge Leo with his favorite activity…

Until next time!



    • Hi Dee, Thanks for stopping by the Ranch!

      Congrats on your credenza! Is it also a Brasilia? (Drool) Mid century credenzas are hard to snag! (almost as hard as night stands, in my opinion….but maybe that is just because I am still trying to find the other Broyhill Brasilia night stand for my bedroom-see my post: )

      My goodness those are some gorgeous pieces at Mid Century Mobler! They almost seem to glow! Seems like there is a wealth of good retro furniture in California…if only it weren’t so far from Wisconsin!

  1. I love this post! I was lucky enough to find a triple dresser with a mirror and a queen headboard today. A few weeks ago I posted a wanted ad on craigslist in a few different sections, including pictures. Luckily someone found it in a thrift store and messaged me about it. How nice was that? I would recommend placing a few wanted ads in your selected cities. Hopefully you will get lucky too!
    Your post made me chuckle as it was something that I could have written. I could totally hear your excitement and love of the piece. I left the house within 60 seconds of reading the email with where my pieces were!! It is great to know someone else gets as excited as I do!

    • Hi Sarah!
      Glad you got a chuckle out of this post! It is good to know I’m not the only one who gets THAT excited about retro furniture! That is AWESOME that someone found what you were looking for and told you about it! Congrats on your new furniture! I may try that approach myself! I am still on the hunt for the elusive nightstand to complete my bedroom set!

  2. Hello there, I am also a Brasilia lover, after all born and raised there.
    I found few pieces here in Phoenix, and I am sure that I have seen the nightstand ( 6130-90 ),I know a thrift store that has 3 of them…. I can stop by and look to see if they are still available, price and condition of them. I will keep you posted.

    • Hi Marcio,

      That’s very nice of you, but it is a very long way from Phoenix to Milwaukee! I am hoping to find one locally someday….I have one of the commodes (6150-20) that I am using as a nightstand and was looking for another like that. Still glad to hear from another Brasilia lover….very cool that you were born and raised there!

  3. I was looking for a headboard on Craigslist and saw this amazing headboard called Broyhill Brasilia which I had never heard of. I am in love with it. I have a queen bed but the headboard available is a king-i should buy it. I should just buy it!

    • Hi Virginia,

      I too have a total obsession with Broyhill Brasilia pieces! We have the queen headboard in our master bedroom and it is awesome! From what I hear, the king Broyhill Brasilia headboards are harder to come by. I have seen several queen size ones (I actually have two-though one is in bad shape). I guess it depends on if you a) are going to upgrade to a king size bed in the future and b) if it is a good deal. I got my queen in bad shape for $10 and I bought the other one along with a nightstand, dresser and mirror for $275. I think I got the deals of the century!

      I say if its a good deal and you love it, buy it! You might kick yourself for passing it up!

  4. I bought two nightstands a few months ago from Arthur Friedman at I also bought what I thought was a queen-sized footboard to go with what I thought was a queen-sized headboard that I inherited from my parents (along with a Brasilia credenza that my mom used as a dresser and a tall Brasilia dresser that was my Dad’s.) Turns out both the footboard and headboard are for a full-sized mattress set and I have a queen-sized mattress set, so now I’m not sure what to do.

  5. Just found a complete Brasilia bedroom set for sale on Craigslist. They have one nightstand. Don’t know if they’d break the set or not:

    Also, I learned that the same headboard fits either full or queen. With full, you can use the footboard and wooden rails, but with queen you must use metal bed-frame. So, I’m stuck with a full-sized footboard and wooden rails that I don’t need.

    • Hi Bill!

      I have the full/queen headboard and foot board that I use with a queen size mattress. My bed rails have a metal part that fits into a groove on the head board and foot board so I am able to use the foot board on my queen mattress. The mattress does stick out a tad bit past the foot board, but it works for me!

      Your set sounds awesome by the way!

  6. still looking for the nightstand? My dad has one tucked away in his walk-in closet- it is the remaining piece to a bedroom suite he and my mom had many years ago. he also has a brasilia dining room table and buffet.
    Linda in Maryland

  7. I am very happy for you. I too found this same item on my local craigslist. I immediately wrote and asked for a viewing. We borrowed my son in laws truck and off we went . Twenty minutes later.. This baby was in the truck.

    I don’t want to upset you but I paid less than you!! I am so excited. You do however have the silverware organizers which I don’t. Also I think my glass was replaced.. but the important thing is IT IS ORIGINAL Broyhill Brasilia. And I checked my pulls are brass as well. Whoo Hoo ! Ps. we also found the small server that has the formica top that opens up.. for out MCM house in Florida.

    • Hi Janette,

      Congrats on your Broyhill Brasilia score! Don’t feel bad about paying less than me for the same piece. It happens. There is no set in stone price guide for this stuff. I actually saw the same hutch last week on my local Craigslist along with a table and 4 chairs for $250. It didn’t last very long! Was gone a mere 3 hours from when I noticed the post. You just never know when you are going to find the piece that you want and how much the person selling it will be asking, but as long as you love it enough to feel ok about paying the asking price, then I think it’s fine. I would have liked to have found that piece for much less, but then again I have scored other mid century modern pieces for hardly anything, so I feel like it will all balance out in the end. Plus, could I buy a new hutch like that of similar quality for less than what I paid for my older cooler one? Probably not.

      Thanks for reading! Enjoy your hutch!

  8. I have the Broyhill Brasilia dining room table and 6 chairs I’m selling, as well as the Broyhill Premier Sculptra 6 piece bedroom set. My mother had these pieces since the early 70’s and they are all in wonderful condition. She recently passed and my brothers and I would like to see them go to someone who will thoroughly enjoy them as much as she did. I am located in Rockledge, FL which is 50 min. west of Orlando.

    • Hi Teri,
      If I were you I would try putting them on your local Craigslist. It is free to list and you can deal with local people (which is probably easiest when you are selling large stuff-no figuring out how to ship!) I’m sure there will be plenty of people down in Florida who would love and treasure your set. Good luck!

      • Oh Teri,

        You are killing me.!!! We need that set but we need it for our Rhode Island house. So I would imagine the shipping would be insane. Good luck.. I wish we needed it for our Florida house! Darn it. When you post it on Craigslist be sure to list it as Broyhill Brasilia or Mid Century Modern.. so you will get the people who love this style. So Jealous!

      • Thank you for the suggestion. I did wind up putting the dining set on Craigslist. I had more interest in it than I thought. Ironically, I wound up selling to a co-worker who had originally seen my posting at work. Now that I have a little experience on Craigslist, I will post the Sculptra bedroom set.

  9. Hi Linda
    Thanks for you kind words. What kind of polish did you use on the hutch itself.. I think mine is a bit dry but I don’t want to ruin it.

    You are right.. new pieces cost more. I am heartsick because there was a table and chairs listed in craigslist in boston. I wrote 1 hr after the posting.. never got a reply.. wrote several more times and again no reply. Finally a few days later my friend wrote and got an answer it was still available but someone was looking at it that day .. and of course bought it. Just so puzzled why the poster never answered my email. We would have bought it over the phone! Oh well we will find one .. somewhere out there!

  10. Hello. I have a complete Broyhill Brasilla dining room set. Table, 6 chairs, buffet, and china hutch. Im trying to sell the set but dont have a clue where to go to do that?? Ive posted on craiglist but so far no responds. Is there somewhere else that you would reccomend me trying?? I would be grateful for any help… Thanks. Christy (Spring Hill Florida)

      • I too have the Brasilia dining set and china cabinet/hutch that I am selling here in Michigan on Detroit Craigslist. I have not had any responses. I am wondering if I am pricing it incorrectly. I know very little about pricing for a set like this. I bought it years ago not knowing anything about it and now no longer need it. Any advice you could pass along?

      • Hi Kay,

        I looked on the Detroit craigslist and am assuming yours is the one with the table and chairs ($550) and the small cabinet($300). It is always hard to estimate prices since they fluctuate so much by region. I would say though, that if you have had your listing on Craigslist for a while now and not had any offers, you may be priced too high for your area. Generally I’ve found that table/chair sets don’t sell as quickly as bedroom sets and that people prefer the larger credenzas and cabinets over the smaller ones (like yours). It could be a matter of dropping the price a bit and waiting for the right person to come along. Good luck!

    • Christy: Do you still have your dining set? I just sold my mother’s set over the weekend and still have another person who is interested. I advertised on Space Coast Craigslist since I’m in Rockledge, FL. Maybe I could send her your way?

  11. Brasilia-tons of pieces and ready to sell: *Dining set*, table with leaf, 4 standard chairs, 2 captain’s chairs; top of table has been refinished, however needs final sanding and buffing; otherwise in very good to excellent condition. *Living room set*, coffee table, 2 end tables and 1 octagon side table-1 end table has minor water stain but is repairable, otherwise very good to excellent condition. *Master Bedroom Suite*- Full headboard & foot board; Tall Gentleman’s Chest, double doors, right side pull out drawers, left side sweater storage, with 2 full drawers underneath; Women’s dresser with full sized mirror, left drawers, center doors open to more drawers and right side drawers- top drawer has attached jewelry tray still completely in tact; 2 night stands. Can you lend advice of best place to market these pieces? Asking price to begin with? In northeast PA. Thanks. Mom was incredibly fussy in caring for these, even with 4 children-they are an awesome find for someone. Need to have a good home to appreciate these beauties!

    • Hi Dawn,

      I would try listing them with good pictures on Craigslist. I’m not sure where you are located exactly in Northeast PA (I used to live near Erie!) but perhaps try listing in both Erie and Pittsburgh. If someone wants them bad enough, a drive won’t deter them. 🙂 As far as prices, I don’t really know what to tell you. It seems to me that the farther you are away from big cities, the less demand there is for these pieces and therefore the price drops as well.

      Good luck!

  12. Hi Kate,

    Love your ‘site’ !!

    I also own the Buffet/Hutch combo shown above, and my mother bought one of the 6140-10 Buffets, new, for our family home in the late 1960’s, which we still have

    I also have a (2), Twin Headboards ( no footboards with these ) with steel frames/caster wheels

    They are ‘looking’ for a home, and I am in located Denver CO

    I am also interested in ‘any’ Brasilia peices that might be within a short drive of the Mile High city!

    Thank you!


    • Dear Mike, I saw that you were looking for Broyhill Brasilia furniture. We have complete dining room set (pedestal table with 2 leafs,breadkfront
      base, breakfront deck,four side chairs,room divider base, room divider
      deck, RARE serving cart with blue tile, cathedral table glass top and desk.
      They are all in excellent condition!! We are 65 miles northeast of
      Denver on I-76. Phone 970-483-7490

  13. Fun post! Thanks for sharing. I rarely see Brasilia pieces for sale in the Kansas City area. After nearly three years of searching, we finally bought two Brasilia pieces just this last month. We are now searching for the bedroom set……hopefully it won’t be another three years!

  14. I have read your post on this piece with green eyed envy so many times. So I was super excited to find this base but with a room divider top this weekend! It took a mighty 12 hour road trip each way to get it but it was worth it to own my first piece of Brasilia heaven. Fingers crossed I will one day find a Brasilia bedroom set. Thank you for the inspiration!!

    • I have your Bedroom set,… I live in Michigan. Willing to negociate a fair price. Ask and I will send you photos! You will be impressed! “Broyhill Brasilia Bedroom Set!
      Broyhill Woman’s Walnut Double Dresser with 6 drawers with Landscape Mirror
      Broyhill Men’s Dresser
      Broyhill Queen Headboard
      One owner since late 1960’s
      The ONLY damage is the slight spot (color change) on the woman’s dresser.
      Asking $2300 for the set
      Contact Kurt Titze
      Located in Southern Michigan”

      • Hi Kurt,

        You might try posting your set on your local Craigslist. It’s free and you can deal locally without worrying how to ship such large stuff!

        Good luck!

  15. Hi, there is a bedroom set in Craigslist in Austin, tx. That resembles this type of furniture. This is the beginning of the post: ***STUNNING mid-century modern…” just thought to share. Loved your blog and the piece!

  16. Hi there. I recently became obessed with Brasilia and found this post. I am so glad there was a happy ending to the story – I was right there with you on your struggle to get it home! I’m a midmod enthusiast in Dallas, but I lived most of my life in the Twin Cities…never once saw Brasilia there. I come across it quite often here. If you are still looking for an elusive piece, let me know and I’ll keep my eye out! (I don’t have room for it myself, alas, unless I convince the partner to redecorate.) My own blog is


    • I’m glad you enjoyed my story Antay! I have actually looked around your blog recently (I believe I found it through Mid2Mod…) Looks like you have some awesome stuff and also your dog Murphy is very cute! I’m not on the look out for any pieces currently, but I appreciate the offer! Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Hi. You should someday visit Brasilia, in Brasil. I guess you would like it there (at least for a couple of days, then you could go to Rio). Nince furniture, i wish I had one of those here in living room in Brasilia.

  18. Hi, I just found this post and I know exactly how you felt! Last week I found a craigslist listing for a complete dining room set with table 6 chairs, the large hutch with glass doors and the room divider for $599. My heart skipped a beat. The next day my husband and I drove the 2.5 hours to see it. When Iwalked into the room, it took everything within me to not leap for joy! We were not able to knock anything off the price, but I didn’t care. It now sits in my home waiting for the room to be completed that it will be in. I walk by itevery dayand smile! It’s a beautiful set! I am obsessed as welland as I find pieces they will make their way into my home. It was great reading your post knowing there was someone else out there who feels just like me, with a husband who gave the same response (I think he likes it more than he is willing to admit). I will definitely be cleaning the brass, it looked great. Thanks for your post!

    • Oh Deanne T, that is so exciting! Congrats on your Broyhill Brasilia score! THE ROOM DIVIDER!!!! Ohhhh that is one of the coolest pieces! If I could find one, afford it and have room for it somewhere in my house I would die and go to heaven! Thanks for sharing your story…AND for reading! 🙂 I love to hear from people who are as obsessed as I am with furniture!

  19. I have a China hutch for sale. My wife and I inherited it when we purchased my grandparents house. They had the hutch, Dining room set and dressers. The dressers were taken by brelatives but the hutch has been in the same place (except for moving to clean) for 35 years. For the last 10 years I have managed to keep the pieces but finally my wife has decided that it’s time to let them go. We are moving and she doesnt want them at the new place. If any of you Brasilia fans know anyone that wants them please let me know. The huctch is in great shape there are one or two small scratches on the corner of the lower unit. The dining room set has been less fortunate. The chairs have been recovered and the table really needs to be resurfaced.

    • Hi Rich,

      Sounds like you’ve got some great furniture! I’d try listing it on your local Craigslist. I’m sure there are plenty of Broyhill Brasilia lovers in your neck of the woods! 🙂

  20. Pingback: HOUSE TOUR – LIVING ROOM AND DINING ROOM « Retroranchrevamp's Blog

  21. I realise that this is a super old post, but I just have to ask…. is it wrong that I both hate you, and think we are destine to be friends at the same time? I too am obsessed with all things Brasilia, and literally have a constant nationwide Craigslist search going, just hoping to find someone that doesn’t quite know what they have!
    Just glad to know I’m not the only one. My poor husband just rolls his eyes at me!

    • Hi Tracy! It is easy to be obsessed with Broyhill Brasilia — it is such a great line! Be patient, keep searching and don’t give up and you will find your Brasilia. You are definitely not the only one who is obsessed with Brasilia! 🙂

      Best of luck in your search!

      • Attention Broyhill lovers. My mother is selling a Dining room set and china hutch. She has both listed for $1500. I have not seen a duplicate china cabinet anywhere. Table has all chairs and 3 leaves. In Denver. She is negotiable. Have had it listed on criagslist for a month.

  22. Hi! I just picked up a Broyhill Brasilia credenza at a thrift store. It is covered in flat black paint and horrible pulls! Why or why?! 🙂 So, I have a bit of a project ahead of me. I picked it up for $75 dollars and found some pulls on eBay. Thanks for the cleaning tips, was wondering about that.

  23. Thanks for all of the great information. I just purchased the chest of drawers and long dresser from an online auction. I should say “rescued” them. They need a lot of TLC. Can you tell me how they are finished? I just hauled them home last night, but it looks like it was a hand rubbed oil? They are dirty and I want ot clean them not ruin them. Thanks!

  24. We have lots of Broyhill brasilia, dining room, bedroom, living room/office that belonged to my parents. We are getting rid of their stuff if anyone is interested. located southeast Mo, about 100 miles south of St. Louis. Items include extra large china cabinet base, single door china cabinet, table and chairs, server, headboard, footboard, 2 night tables, dresser, large mirror, large chest, desk, end table

  25. I’m so happy to find this site. My parents’ Brasilla dining room set was purchased new in the 60’s and I have inherited it and been using it for the past 10 years. Now I’m ready to part with it because we are moving but it breaks my heart to practically give it away to a dealer, which feels like my only option right now. It has been listed on Craigslist but the only responses are wanting the chairs. I have the 40 x 66 table, 3 leaves that are each 12″, a complete set of pads for the table to protect it under a table cloth. Also the large 2 piece hutch and the side serving cart. Other than a few scratches and some wear on edges, its in very good condition.
    I live in St. Louis, MO. Any suggestions?

  26. I’m a little late to the Brasilia party, but I just got a dining set and a 6-drawer double dresser. The dresser needs a little TLC and I need to take the drawers out. I’m completely puzzled how to remove them. They have a single center rail. Any ideas?

    • Hmmm I’ve taken the drawers out of my dresser before, right after I bought the dresser to clean it. I think you just pull them out as far as they go and maybe lift up a little to release them….but then I just tried to get one of mine out and it didn’t seem to want to release. I can’t remember if there is a trick or not. Sorry!!! Good luck with your Brasilia!

      • Hello Brasilia fans! Here are my tips,,regarding Drawer Removal’,,,

        While keeping the drawer Completely ‘LEVEL’ ( Do NOT lift up or push down ),,, maintain a firm hold one the left, and the right side of the drawer,,,then,,,pull it out to it fullest extension, next,,,,, give it a ‘gentle TUG’, ( keeping it LEVEL,,, This will release it from the ‘steel ball bearing glide ( I call it a ‘trolley )

        Some drawers release easier than others ( a Broyhill mystery !)

        When installing the drawer,,,

        be sure that the curved metal piece on the bottom of the drawer, slides ‘over’ the matching glide on the drawer ‘bottom’,

        ,,again, hold it Level during this install,,, also,, have a bright flashlight or lamp,, handy and look beneath and also from above, to VERIFY,,, that these two parts are ‘Aligning’ ( this is very important as to avoid damaging or bending the glide parts )

        . You will feel the drawer begin to move forward with light pressure, and then you will feel ‘resistance’,,,

        making sure it is totally ‘level’,, Push ‘Firmly’ against this ‘resistance’ ,,,and the glides will connect, and the drawer will ‘move’ on to, the ‘Trolley/Glide )

        Each trolley has ‘4’ steel ball bearings,, these are available at Ace hardware,,,

        The Trolley also needs to be lubricated with white grease,, you can call me for how to do this,,, Broyhill provided a tag with each piece,, showing this procedure,,, ( very simple )

        If you have any questions,, please call me !,,,, Mid Century MIke ( Denver ) 303 258 6076

        Ps,, I ‘regularly’ have Brasila items available

      • I just wanted to follow up in case anyone searches and finds this. Mike’s instructions are great, as was his follow-up on our e-mails.

        I’ll add that 2 of the 6 drawers on my dresser seemed to have had the most use and they were almost like fingernails on a chalkboard to open before I started. These two took extra effort to pull out compared to the others. They also took extra patience when putting them back in. After starting them along the glide and feeling them contact and run over the first pair of ball bearings on the trolley it took about 10 minutes each of gently ‘biasing’ the angle of the drawer very slightly to get them to go over the second pair of ball bearings. I took the drawer back out multiple times and slid the trolley back and forth with my hand to make sure everything was moving correctly. When they did finally go it was obvious and still took a little firmness. When they did not go it was just a solid metal to metal ‘clunk’ feel. I can only offer that it may that be the ball bearings are slightly out of round on these heavily used drawers and it took some back and forth of the trolley to allow the drawer portion of the glide to engage.

        The other 4 drawers went in as Mike described in the first try. A few openings and closings to seat the grease everywhere and they all feel like new!

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