Since last week’s tour of the bedroom, I have made one additional change to the bedroom. I cleaned my half of the closet!

Much better huh? Well I guess you didn’t see the before, but trust me it is a lot better. I took out a bunch of stuff I hadn’t worn in a long time or didn’t really like on myself anymore and have a pile to try to sell at our local used clothing boutique as well as a pile for Goodwill. I am a big believer in not cluttering up your life with stuff that you don’t need or use because for me at least, it just creates unnecessary stress. (Plus it is harder to find what you want to wear in the morning too!)

Now back to this week’s post….

First let me say that a bathroom is much more difficult to photograph than any other room or area in the house, simply because it is so much smaller of a space! I tried my best to accurately depict the current state of our master bathroom. As the title of this post suggests, there are some things I really like about the bathroom and other things that I don’t like so much. This brings me back to my dilemma that first surfaced with the windows. While I do like keeping the house in as original shape as possible, I also want it to be a house that I love all parts of and that works for us (since we are the ones living here). In large, the master bathroom is in its original condition, which is really cool but some parts of it have seen better days.

Let’s start with what I like about the master bath.

The layout is nice – Whoever designed it, did a great job of maximizing the space without having it feel cramped

It has pink in the color scheme – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that I love pink!

There is plenty of storage in the bathroom – so much storage in fact, that some of it is empty! A huge contrast to our last house and probably has something to do with us having a linen closet here (along with a total of 8 closets in this house versus the 1 closet we had in our previous house)

The long vanity top give me plenty of space for all the stuff it takes to do my hair – no balancing things that plug in on the edge of a sink

The outlet next to the mirror – a place to plug in the hairdryer!

The drawers in the vanity – great place for brushes and makeup, one for me and one for all Jim’s man stuff too!

The fan that also is a heater – our last bathroom didn’t have a fan, I am glad to have one here! Plus there is a heating unit on the fan for the winter!

and of course the new window that we just put in. It looks so nice and now I can open AND close it!

This leads me to my list of things I don’t like about the master bathroom:

The shower has mismatched tiles in it – at some point the hot/cold water line mixer stopped working and they had to bust out the tile. Too bad they couldn’t find any that matched exactly or that were a closer match.

The shower itself it a little small – partially because of the angle of the door there is slightly less than adequate moving around space in the shower. Many times the door gets bumped open while the shower is on. Not good.

The tile is mauve – I love pink. I don’t love mauve. It reminds me of the 80’s. Wrong decade for this house.

There is too much going on in there what I mean by this is there are four different kinds of 4 inch square tiles, some 1 inch tiles, a pattern on the countertop that I don’t think goes well with all the tiles, the sink and toilet are close to a match but not really, the light tiles and the sink and toilet have the same problem, etc. Looks a little thrown together to me.

The sink drain is rusty – no matter how many times I scrub the rust off, it comes back in less than 24 hours.

The grout on the tiles is gross in spots – and I have been unable to do anything
about it.

The vanity has the same problem as my kitchen cabinets – although it looks cool, it was made out of laminated plywood and is chipping. Not cool.

The hamper in the vanity is useless – too much moisture in the bath + 49 years of smelly laundry = yuck.

The sink drains very slowly – we have yet to explore what may be hiding in the U-bend in the drain pipe under the sink. Not excited for that.

So now that we have the likes and dislikes figured out, lets see the bathroom in all its glory:

Notice Leo’s water dish. We close the pocket door to the main part of the house when we go to sleep at night so that Leo doesn’t run out there and bark at noises in the night, but in doing that, we also cut off his water supply. Enter dog bowl. Problem solved.

There are the mismatched tiles. I’m not a fan of mauve, but that brown is somehow worse…

This pink toilet is new (its a Kohler). The original toilet must have had something happen to it because the previous owner said they had to replace it but didn’t want to redo the bathroom so they found the closest match they could and ordered it specially from Kohler. So yay for a new toilet, boo for not a perfect match. I could be ok with that because the sink is icky anyway and that looks more peachy than pink.

There is the rust ring. Not a fan.

There is my favorite outlet! GFI too! (as it should be).

I bought a new mirror with a frame since this mirror is getting crusty looking around the edges – just haven’t had the time to put it up yet. I am also reserving my opinion on the light fixtures as I have yet to see any bathroom light fixture that I like.

I’m not in love with the laminate vanity top (I prefer solid colors or small flecked patterns) but I don’t hate it either.

There’s the drawers that I like so much…

…and the hamper that is a cool idea, but not exactly usable anymore.

A close up of the mauve I don’t like and the pink I do…as well as the original switches for the fan and heat fan.

Here is the large closet behind the main door of the bathroom. We took out the bottom shelf and put our laundry basket in there.

Well, there you have it. The tour of the master bath (exciting, I’m sure).

I think what I would like to do at some point is make the shower larger, (not sure how to do that yet and still preserve the good layout of the bath) replace the vanity, (probably with something wood but more modern and with storage that makes more sense – no useless hamper) get a new sink, new counter top, new faucet, take out all the tile (perhaps trying to save the light pink ones for future use) and change the color scheme to pink, white and black (or teal? or yellow? or….?) while still keeping a retro theme that evokes the feeling of the original bathroom only in a cleaner way as well as a color scheme that I like better. This would mean I keep the pink toilet, maybe find a sink from Kohler that matches it, make a lot of the tile white, with sporadic pink tiles (if they are salvageable/or if I can find new/old looking ones) and add some black tiles (or maybe not because of the wood?).

What are your opinions? What would you do if this was your bathroom?



  1. I would put in double sinks while you are ripping out the old vanity, and maybe use some cool subway tile that looks retro (I’m sure they have pink!) but with modern fixtures for the sink and shower. But that’s just me!

  2. Hmmm. I think I would take out the tiny linen closet to enlarge the shower area since you already have a closet in there. That would preserve the essential layout that you already like and wouldn’t require relocating the plumbing. To find a true pink sink, find a salvage yard in your area, they have tons of pink sinks, green sinks, yellow sinks, and blue sinks. They are usually pretty cheap too. The masses really don’t want the colored stuff any more.

    • Great Idea Tamisha!

      Jim and I were toying with that possibility…we were worried about it making the bathroom feel too cramped, but I think if we use a clear or wavy glass shower door, it would keep the space feeling open.

      Also thanks for the tip on the salvage yard. I know there is a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in our area. I will have to go check it out for pink sinks!

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