A snowy hello to all of you out there! Due to an extreme blizzard, you get an extra post this week because everything is shut down here in the Milwaukee area (and around a large portion of the midwest) including both my place of work and Jim’s (even though Jim worked from home for a few hours) so what else do I have to do but clear away some snow, take some pictures and share them with you, who may or may not also be snowed or iced in for the day.

This story starts about 24 hours ago…a time when there was only about 5 inches of snow, the roads were clear and the sun was out. What a lovely time at the ranch that was…

Then we heard about a massive storm coming our way. When we woke up this morning (at 6am to see if we had to go to work) this is what we saw:

It’s not just the early morning light causing this photo to be blurry looking, it is the 65mph or so winds that were blowing snow around our yard…

up against our windows…

and up against the house. I would estimate some drifts in our yard to be near 4ft. The view out our front picture window was not very nice:

I would have been content to sit around sipping coffee under a nice blanket (did I mention it was 1 degree outside not counting wind chills?) but somebody had to go outside. So, a-shoveling and a-snow blowing we will go…happy Leo?

There’s the view from our garage. We had to shovel our way out of the garage so we could snow blow.

Is that an abominable Snow Jim? I’m so glad we sprung for a snow blower! At this point it is still really windy so it was difficult to clear the driveway. Go Jim!

Above is the front looking to the north a few days ago (note the planter) and below is what it looks like now:

Then we have the view looking the other way a few days ago (notice the porch):

And then we have how it looks now:

Then we have the front sidewalk/view of neighbor’s house before:

and today:

I had to tunnel out.

Then we have the before of the back yard looking towards where the garden will be this summer:

and the after:

And finally the back sidewalk: Before…


Not the kind of before/after shots I like to display. So until tomorrow, when life goes back to normal (hopefully) and we go back to work, I will leave you with a few closing shots of blizzard 2011 at Retro Ranch Revamp:

And now for that hot coffee under the down blanket…and a nap!


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