Welcome back to our two part series “Color in the Kitchen.” In today’s sequel, we will have the dramatic conclusion of the mystery of “did they fix the uncool things about the kitchen?” Dun dun dun!

As you may recall, this was the list of uncool things at the end of our last post:

The fridge – Sounds like a clucking chicken when running, broken shelves, pinches you finger inbetween the handles when you close the door, freezer on top (I am a freezer on bottom kinda girl)
Light fixtures (can you say UGLY?)
Vertical Blinds on the windows (yuck yuck and double yuck)
Weird hooks all over (yank those out!)
Back door hits closet door and makes a hole in it (every time you open it!)
Weird laminate shelf that just makes the kitchen look more cluttered
It’s greige-white (eww)
Knobs on cabinets look too traditional for this mid-century mod kitchen

Just a few things remain on the list. Not bad! Let’s tackle them one at a time.

Firstly, there is the ugly, noisy, non-efficient, finger-pinching fridge:

Yuck is right! We knew we needed a new fridge, however we had two problems deciding what fridge to get as a replacement.

1. What color should we get? This is always the most important question for me (since I am an artist/graphic designer). In fact, my mother-in-law recently got a new car and my first question was “what color?!?” It’s just my nature I guess. The problem is that all the other appliances are black (microwave, wall oven, range top, dishwasher) and we are not fans of black appliances so we didn’t want to get a black fridge. (also I think it would have drawn too much attention to itself being the darkest, largest thing in the kitchen and having one side fully exposed in the hallway to the dining/living room as well) Knowing that we do like the other appliances (despite the color), and that they are in like new condition and working very well, we won’t be replacing any of them in the near future. That means whatever color fridge we get has to look okay with black appliances. The current fridge is not white, it is almond (I think) and we are not a fan of that color for our kitchen, so that color is out, which left us only white or stainless steel left to choose from. We had (6 months prior) bought a white refrigerator for our last kitchen (yes we had a house before this one…more on that in a later post) and we felt it worked really great in the space, but for our new house we felt the contrast would be too stark with the black appliances, so we settled on stainless steel. We also both agreed the stainless steel would look great with our chrome accessories in the kitchen like our stools at the breakfast bar, our new knobs, and a few of our counter top appliances like the blender and toaster that have a chrome look to them.

2. Umm, what do you mean it won’t fit??? Our other problem was fitting a new refrigerator where the old one was. It wasn’t so much the width of the fridge we were having issues with, but the height. Those two little cabinets above the fridge were a mere 1.5 inches too low to fit the fridge of our dreams. DRAT! What’s a girl to do?

Yep, that’s right…when life hands you lemons, get out the sawzall.

It’s actually a good idea to bring a hammer, a pry bar and some safety glasses as well. They don’t build stuff like they used to! It took me a good 30 minutes of strategic sawing, hammering and prying to get the cabinet out. Then I took one of the door fronts and sawed a bit off the bottom with the circular saw to make a patch for the end. I wanted to take the whole shebang off, but I ended up having to leave the top piece with trim because of how the cabinets were constructed. (Basically they are all one piece and custom made for the wall, so they were REALLY in there.

Anyway, once I had the sawing done and the debris from that cleaned up, I had some drywall to patch and paint.

I basically just patched where the small chunks of wall came out (from prying the cabinet), let that dry, and then did another coat all over the area with a large putty knife to even out the wall. Then I sanded lightly and painted. Ta-da! Now you can’t tell there was a cabinet there….

…well you still kinda can if you look closely, but no one will because they will be blinded by the shiny new fridge!

ohhhh….ahhhh! So shiny! So pretty! (That’s what I think anyway, and our friend Tyler said he overheard every neighbor that came to our housewarming party exclaiming to their husbands, “we need one of these!” Sorry neighborhood husbands!) This fridge is by far the most awesome I have ever had the privilege to use! It has crushed or cubed ice and cold, filtered water in the door. YAY! I has tons of space inside for all our food and drinks! The freezer is on the bottom and it is a pull out drawer with tons and tons of space and another ice maker (for when we are having parties or filling a cooler) It is fantastic!

Okay, I have gushed about the fridge enough, not let’s tackle the next uncool thing: Light fixtures.

Remember the light fixtures in the kitchen?

The light fixture over the kitchen table reminded Jim and I of a boat. It looked like it belonged on a house boat in the 1980s. The fixture over the rest of the kitchen, not as bad, but surely not the best we could do for the space. I’m warning you now, we were only able to replace one of the two offending light fixtures. We don’t want to replace a fixture with another that we aren’t totally in love with. We would rather do one and leave the other until the right fixture comes into our lives. Can you guess which one we replaced first?

You guessed it, the 1980s houseboat light. Isn’t the new one so much better? I have always loved the style of this type of light…simple, mod, sleek…so when I saw one at IKEA for only $29.99 I just had to have it.

It was even easy to install and assemble (not always so with IKEA stuff). As far as the other light goes, I have something specific in mind, but I haven’t found it yet. This particular uncool thing about the kitchen will have to be continued…

That leaves us with the last uncool thing: the back closet doors. This one was an easy fix. We just took the doors off. We still have to take the track off (screws are stripped and we can’t get it out!) and I have a few more ideas about how to make this closet more visually appealing, but that is for another day (and another post). Until then we will just enjoy the ease of hanging our coats up, putting our shoes away and forget all about the door with the hole in it. Also don’t you LOVE the first floor laundry/bathroom off the kitchen? I do.

So that leaves us at the end of our kitchen story, for now at least. Let’s see what the kitchen looks like today.

Leo requested to be in the photos for scale purposes, but I think he is a blog hog.

Until next time, happy revamping!


One thought on “COLOR IN THE KITCHEN: PART 2

  1. Your kitchen looks so much like our old Mequon kitchen did!
    We were lucky when we got a new fridge. All we had to do was slice off some of the decorative strip that hung under the cabinet. I know there is a name for that piece, but my brain shut down early, and I can’t remember it.
    We lost half of our broom closet, though, finding a place to tuck in the portable dishwasher.

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