What WOOD you do?

Here at the Retro Ranch, we had a little too much wood laying around…..

Leo tried his best to help us……

…but sadly Leo is a poor substitute for a chainsaw…..

What’s a dog to do? I know! Let’s call Kate’s parents!
They have a gas powered chainsaw that they are just itching to use!

So if you remember from the last post,
the yard was looking only slightly better than this.
On top of that, the brush pile was not stacked neatly enough
or cut short enough for the city of Glendale to pick up.


After a whole day of Kate’s Dad chainsawing and Kate stacking,
there were some very impressive piles of wood neatly stacked
all around the yard.

Meanwhile, Kate’s Mom had been hard at work
digging up more of the dreaded lilies!

Two patches gone, one remains!

and luckily later that day, a guy came by
and offered to grind out our two stumps for a mere $75!

Look Ma, no more dead trees laying all over the yard!
Thanks for your help Mom and Dad!



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