I know I have been promising more of the inside of the Retro Ranch, so I thought it a fitting transition from the last post “What WOOD you do?”to continue on with the one room in our house that was 99.9% wood. Call it the fireplace room, the den or the wood room…..

…well I would call it the wood room…

…too much wood for my taste.

Even with our colorful junk in the room, it didn’t break up the wood enough.

That means one thing….time to prime!

So after two coats of Kilz primer, I felt confident that the paint would cover the wood with one or two more coats…but what color should I pick? My first thought was something light to make the room seem larger…but it had to go with the fireplace which is made of grey, purple grey, white and pink quartz.

I also planned to put the little yellow couch that was my Nana’s in the room, so it had to look good with yellow. After hemming and hawing for what seemed like weeks I decided on the color!


Here’s the view from the entry way by the front door…

Look how much lighter and brighter the room feels!

Did you see that in the right hand corner…could it be media storage for my husband’s DVD, CD and book obsession?

Why yes it is! Thank goodness for Ikea!

That looks like my Shag print over the fireplace. Perfect!

I even painted the built in shelf to stylishly hold more books and photos….

Sneak peak…next time…the kitchen…looks colorful to me!


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