It has been a few weeks since my last post…and that is because we have been rocking and rolling along here at the retro ranch revamp! I have so many new projects to document on the blog that I am feeling a bit behind! Then I remind myself that I have only been living here a little over two months and I don’t feel so bad. The next few posts will be about the yard work I have been tackling with the help of Jim, my In-laws and my friend Jacob from work…and Leo too of course!

I didn’t do any of this in one day…this is like one of those fancy time lapse cameras that lets you see hours and hours and days and days of hot, sweaty, mosquito-laden, back breaking, sunburn inducing work in one quick little blog post…so here it goes!



This is our side yard. Somewhere in there is our mailbox.

And after a week or so of not being able to see the mailbox
(or the cars coming when I am backing out of the driveway)
I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to do something…
that’s where this handy guy comes in…


Yep, a handy dandy hand saw.
It was fun to use at first,but after lots of sawing
I was concerned one of my arms was getting bigger than the other one….
still, not too shabby results!

Hey! We do have a mailbox after all!
(Which reminds me, I don’t like it…looks like another project to do)


There was quite the pile of brush left over,
but my hand was too tired to hack it up
for the brush collection guys, so there it sits.


I wanted to remove more of the tree,
but I needed to call in some bigger guns for that job.
(See recruits below)

Yes, that is my adorable husband in the red
and my fearless father in law in the tree
with the electric chain saw
(and yes he is wearing sandals)
Like I said, he is fearless.

Tune in next time for the front yard
and to see why we couldn’t stack the rest of the tree branches
by the curb for collection…


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