Perhaps some of you know about my love of retro/mid century furniture….it is my favorite thing to collect! It is hard to collect such large stuff when one has a tiny house, so imagine how thrilled I was when our new house was double the size of the last one and the style of the house matched the style of the furniture that I love to collect! (Pure heaven if you ask me) Anyway, our new extremely large master bedroom has a nice closet (yay!) but as far as dressers go, we didn’t own one up to the task of holding my sweater collection/socks/etc and looking cool at the same time. On with the search!

I scoured our local Craigslist and weeded through the cast-off 80’s laminate dressers until I found these two gems:

Exibit A…a lovely Broyhill Sculptura line highboy dresser in very good shape. This was labeled “mid century dresser – $50” on my local Craigslist. I knew I had to move fast when I saw this one. I saw the post at 7:30 am and emailed right away. Luckily I was the first person to email on it and was available that day to pick it up or I would have lost out on this awesome dresser. The real bummer of the story was that Jim and I had to drive to Pewaukee during rush hour (a normally 40 minute drive took us 1 hour and 35 minutes) and it was 90 degrees out and the A/C on my Vibe is not working and the lady selling it told me the wrong measurements so when we got to her 3rd floor apartment and carried this beast down to my car it was just a little bit too big. Not willing to miss out on this dresser deal (only $50!!!!) I got a screwdriver from the seller and Jim and I tried very hard to get the legs off. Being that this piece is at least 50 years old, the screws did not want to come out and we could only get 2 of the legs off. I was so upset that we would have to leave it for the next Craigslist furniture vulture to scoop up, my awesome husband Jim (who does not like heat and was sweating profusely) said “Don’t worry, we will make it fit” and managed to finagle it into my car! After about 3 more trips to get the eight drawers from the third floor apartment into my car, we were off with our new dresser…in fact if the thing had one more drawer in it, we would have had to hold it out the window to get it home ad the entire back of my car was full of dresser.


Exibit B: this is another super cool highboy dresser from the Broyhill Brasilia line. I am totally in love with the details of this one…it was pure luck that this was labeled “old solid wood dresser” and no one found it before me because he would have been gone…fast. I paid slightly more for this one, but still way less than I have seen other dressers in the line go for at antique shops and ebay. I wasn’t going to take any chances with this one not fitting in my Vibe, so I enlisted the help of my coworker and friend Jacob (who also happens to own a truck and work for beer and food) who helped me go all the way to Oconomowoc (about an hour away) to pick this guy up. Only bummer about this particular recon mission, I got a nasty bruise when I was trying to jump out the side window of the truck bed cover (we couldn’t get the dresser over the wheel wells and into the truck without someone lifting it from the inside and I happened to be the only one small enough to get boosted through the side window on the truck cover…and I also happen to be stupid enough to try and jump out while one leg is still in the truck and the entire back of my knee is purple and sore because of it, but I have an awesome dresser to show for it!)

Just look at all that storage space! Plus it matches the headboard and mirror that I scored on Craigslist right before I moved for $10 each! Amazing!



  1. OOOOO I love the dressers! Craigslist is a livesaver! You guys look like you are having so much fun moving into your first “new” house together 🙂 I like the orange paint too – the hardwoods look beautiful with it. AND I just read about your flood!! Can we be any more similar? Our basement flooded 2 weeks after we moved in too. Glad the cats made it and thanks for the updates here I love reading them!

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