Once we found out our boiler and water heater were ok after the flood (Phew! ) I decided that some celebratory painting was in order! I chose the colors for the living/dining room from the palette at Sherwin Williams. I used their Duration Home paint, which is not only low VOC (a.k.a. not stinky and sneeze inducing) but also covers in one coat! It is really great stuff and I recommend it if any of you are painting a room in the near future.

First let’s see what the living/dining room looked like
before we even moved in:

Here is the living room
(Don’t you love the afternoon light that streams in?)



and here is the dining room before we moved in.



Here is the dining room after all our junk was moved in….



…and the living room….
(Jim was too tired after all that moving to
move himself out of the picture)….



…and here is the entry way, complete with
slate floor and awesome 60’s divider/planter!



Well anyone who has been in my last house will know that I’m not the kinda girl who can deal with white walls for very long.Much to everyone’s shock, I announced my color choices were green and orange…..yes I know this sounds like a shocking combination, but I have a master plan (and there will be some turquoise too…eventually) so I chose the shades that I felt best complimented the wood and slate floors and the trim and decided on outgoing orange and springtime for the green.

Below are my results:

Here is the living room overall…(so much better with color!)



Here is the overall view of the room…complete with my cute dog Leo and
my adorable (and somehow still glued to the couch) husband Jim.



…here’s the entry way….



…don’t you love how the colors make this nook pop out? That wall is dying for some feature art!




…so yes there is still nothing on the wall and there is a lot of mess around, and I haven’t decided what to do about a rug or where to store my husband’s 400+ DVDs yet (I smell a trip to IKEA in the future) but all in all, the color really makes the space more exciting, more defined, more retro cool and more our house than the previously vanilla walls that we started with. I think we are on the road to an awesome room. Just wait till you see what I have in store for the built-in cabinets in the dining room!


4 thoughts on “BYE BYE BORING!

  1. Fabulous! I’m working on my new/old 1971 split level home in Ontario. I was thinking of staying with all white walls, with orange, green and turquoise throughout for furniture, art, accents etc. But now you’ve got me thinking!

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