This is was our yard on Wednesday the 21st of July.
It is overgrown, but happy.


This was our yard on Thursday July 22nd. It isn’t really a yard at the moment…who knew we bought lakefront property?

During the “Milwaukee Flood of 2010” we got 7 inches of rain from 5:20 pm – 6:20 pm. It was during the height of rush hour, all the major highways around Milwaukee were closed and people were stranded on them for hours as water rose by the foot all around them. Luckily, Jim and I had gotten home safely before the rain started! Still others found their streets and yards turned into a raging river. In one neighborhood about three miles south of our new house a whole neighborhood of homes had their basements washed away, concrete walls and all. On the east side, water was up to 4 feet high in some low spots in the road (the Sherwin Williams where we bought our paint had 3 feet of water wash through it) and people’s homes and cars were ruined. On the route I used to take every day to and from work, a sinkhole opened up and swallowed a Cadillac Escalade. None of this happened to Jim and I, but this did:


Yep, that is the bottom stair of our basement with water lapping at it. All was fine when the river was out front, but about 20 minutes after it stopped raining, I heard a loud POP in the basement. I ran to see what the matter was and it turns out it was the lids blowing off our two sump pumps. Yes, I said two. Apparently 7 inches of water in an hour is too much for two pumps to keep out. Unfortunately, Milton and Phil (my two cats) were in the basement at the time:


Milton jumped into the window well….


and Phil jumped on some utility shelves that were down there.


I couldn’t rescue them because our dehumidifier was plugged in and standing in water and I didn’t want to risk shocking myself, and also do you know how hard it is to get an angry cat out of a basement full of water when they are that high up? So Milton and Phil had to stay in the basement in the flood while I tried to sleep upstairs. (I did get up at 2:30 am to check on the water level because I had a nightmare that the cats drowned and got electrocuted.) By morning our sump pumps had pumped the water out of the basement, but there was still a lot of clean up to do. Luckily we didn’t have much down there yet (all our neighbors with finished basements have huge piles of debris out front of their house) but there were still some cardboard boxes and of course the litter box and scratchy pad to clean up before bleaching all the concrete. We  have someone coming tomorrow to look at our boiler and water heater…we will see if they are ok or need to be replaced. All in all, Jim and I count ourselves as very lucky and though it may have been a minor setback in the progress of the Retro Ranch Revamp, we are undeterred.


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